The First Teaser Trailer for the “Dragon Ball Super”Movie

The first teaser trailer for the Dragon Ball Super movie is here and it looks a lot like movies and episodes that have been seen before to be quite honest. Maybe it takes being a fan of the series to really notice all the nuances and fine touches of one of the most popular anime series ever conceived of, but many of them have had the same look for so long that it seems as though the animators are using the same cells over and over and adding only a few now and again to make it seem as though they’re making different features. That’s not true of course but again, if you’re not a Dragon Ball fan then it’s kind of hard to differentiate all the different plot points without watching the hours and hours of episodes that have come before.

One thing that seems to draw a lot of people and in some ways turn others off is that the Dragon Ball characters are all so insanely powerful that as soon as the most powerful among them is revealed it seems as though another dozen characters are revealed that make that singular character look like a child in comparison. The power levels of the characters are simply out of control and yet for all that they’ve been shown to be less than comparable to some characters in the DCEU and the MCU. If you’re wondering how that could possibly be take a trek on over to the YouTube show titled Death Battle and you’ll see at least a few individuals from Dragon Ball that have been pitted against equally powerful individuals from other universes. It seems that Goku, for as powerful as he can get, is still not quite at the same level as Superman, so it’s kind of safe to say that there are other villains and heroes in the DCEU that he wouldn’t stand a chance against.

And yes, it is realized that Goku does have limits so bearing that in mind the more powerful characters still couldn’t hold a candle to some of the heroes from other franchises as the rules and the writers are what decides who is the most powerful, not the characters themselves. The movie however seems to indicate that a Saiyan-based conflict is going to break out….again. It seems that the Saiyans can’t ever just be at ease with each other and are bound to butt heads over just about anything. Goku has been seen to be one of the most powerful among them and yet in the past he’s also been seen to get his clock cleaned by a few of those that came to challenge him. It’s a movie that’s destined to be for the fans and no one else, as this franchise has been around long enough that the fans know what to expect and will be looking for certain plot points that are both known and familiar.

Hopefully they won’t be disappointed and the film will be everything they’re wanting.

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