10 Possible Treasures That Could be Found on “The Curse of Oak Island”

Fans of the hit series ‘The Curse of Oak Island’ have watched avidly as the Lagina Brothers have searched for the island’s treasures. So far, they have been unsuccessful in their mission, but they have uncovered some interesting artifacts along the way and viewers have had the chance to learn more about the curse on those who have hunted for the treasure in the past. The Lagina Brothers are continuing their search in a new series that is based in Nova Scotia and viewers are desperately hoping that they are finally successful in finding the treasure and even they do not know exactly what this is. Here are just 10 of the things that they could find on ‘The Curse of Oak Island.

1. Spanish Naval Treasure

According to those who have searched on Oak Island in the past, one of the most realistic possibilities is that there is naval treasure hidden at this location. Dan Blankenship has been hunting for more than 40 years and he believes that a Spanish galleon had gold from the Americas suffered weather damage and docked at the island during the 16th-century. He thinks the crew hid the treasure and intended to return for it at a later date, but never returned.

2. Pirate Treasure

The possibility of pirate treasure is one of the most popular theories. This theory claims that Captain Kidd, a 17th-century pirate, has his ill-gotten fortunes buried on the island. Local legend says that one of his crew said on his deathbed that Captain Kidd had millions of dollars’ worth of treasure on the island. In the 19th-century, a group searched the Money Pit and discovered a large stone marked with symbolic inscriptions. The translation of this revealed that two million pounds lay forty feet below.

3. Shakespeare’s Manuscripts

Although William Shakespeare has become one of the most famous writers of all time, there is a theory that his work was actually penned by 16th-century author Sir Francis Bacon. A piece of parchment was once found in the Money Pit that has begun a theory that his original manuscripts are the treasure.

4. A Viking Ship

There are others that believe that the Money Pit is not what people believe and that it is actually a sunken Viking ship that was sucked in by quicksand. They think that the ship was turned vertical during the sinking process. Within the pit, there are several wooden planks at intervals. If the Viking ship theory is accurate, then these planks would have been the backs of the rowers.

5. The Holy Grail and Ark of the Covenant

It is said that the Holy Grail and the Ark of the Covenant are part of the valuables amassed by the Knights Templar, a religious military order. Arock formation of a Christian cross is just one of the Templar symbols discovered on the island, so it is a possibility that the Templar treasure lies beneath the island.

6. Money from Fort Louisbourg

The style of the Money Pit is both naval and French in style and this is possibly because there was a Nova Scotian French fort called Fort Louisbourg that they surrendered to the British after an 18th-century siege. Some researchers believe that the monies from the fort were smuggled out of the fort before the British arrived and are now in the Money Pit.

7. Marie Antoinette’s Jewels

Marie Antoinette is said to have told her lady in waiting to take her jewels and flee during the French Revolution of the 1700s. These jewels have been missing since then and there are people who believe the maid escaped to Nova Scotia. Believers of this theory think that the French Navy assisted the maid by building the Money pit as a huge vault for Marie Antoinette’s jewels.

8. Freemason Artifacts

Masonic markings have been discovered both in and around the Money Pit. This has led to the theory that the Money Pit is a secret Masonic vault that the Freemasons created.

9. British imperial Treasures

Another theory is that the British hid their valuable imperial treasures on the island as they had a naval base located in nearby Halifax, Nova Scotia. They wanted to hide their valuables from the American revolutionaries. The British forces had captured Havana, Cuba, in 1762 and found a large sum of money. It is possible that this is hidden on the island.

10. An Ancient Coptic Pit

The Lagina Brothers discovered stones inscribed with symbols in the Money Pit. There are some that argue these symbols are similar to the Coptic alphabet. When this alphabet was translated, it revealed secrets about Christian practices. Therefore, a theory has been constructed that the Coptic Christians created the Money Pit after traveling from Egypt.

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