A Phenomenal Maui Cosplay From Disney’s ‘Moana’

Back in October, Philip Odango aka Canvas Cosplay made a promise to website Fashionably Geek that he would do a Maui from Disney’s “Moana” cosplay.  Here we are some months later and he’s delivered on his promise in a big way.  Odango made everything himself.  This includes hand-inking all of the tattoos onto stretch fabric, hand-sewing the leaf skirt, sculpting the necklace from clay, and constructing the large fish hook from foam and paper mache.

Not that he had any obligation to do this but the ultimate would have been if he had actually gotten real tattoos.  Other than that I would say this project was flawless.   Surprisingly, Philip’s Facebook page only has 1,500 fans.  I personally think it deserves way more than that as his projects have been top quality.   Here’s a little more on Canvas Cosplay:

Canvas Cosplay is the project of award-winning cosplayer, designer and theatre director Philip Odango from Virginia Beach, Virginia USA. With over a decade of experience in theatre, directing, producing and stage managing nearly over 2 dozen productions, he fuses design and performance to help cosplayers improve their stagecraft.

Check out a couple more Maui shots below:

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