A Paper Airplane Expert Demonstrates Why His Creations Fly So Well

A Paper Airplane Expert Demonstrates Why His Creations Fly So Well

If only a lot of us had found this guy years earlier when we were still in grade school or high school even, how much fun would that have been? Collins is a paper airplane expert that enjoys demonstrating and telling why his paper airplanes fly so well. It’s not what you would call a practical skill since it doesn’t enhance the economy really and doesn’t add anything to humanity except a bit of fun. But it is something impressive all the same since he seems to have figured out just how to make a paper airplane do pretty much whatever he wants it to do. The folds and designs he’s come up with are kind of crazy and look incredibly difficult if you’re not the type that ever ever fooled around with paper airplanes, but thankfully he’s written a book detailing a great number of them in ways that anyone from a beginner to an expert can follow.

Collins even set the record for the longest glider by dint of his creation being launched 226 feet and change across a horizontal distance. A lot of us were happy if our planes made it for more than ten feet before crashing to the ground, but looking at how we made them and how he makes them there’s a good explanation as to why his are so much more successful. His folds are much more precise, and the care he takes with his designs makes the planes we made in school look like clunky, ill-conceived things that don’t have any business flying for two inches let alone ten feet. But keep in mind he’s been doing this for ten years and as a result he’s had a lot of time to perfect his technique. Some people might actually criticize him for taking so much time to pursue a hobby that many might have ditched once they graduated, but give the guy some credit, he continued to make paper airplanes in a manner that’s not only impressive, but has become something of a passion as well.

Paper airplanes are fascinating to some and just folded bits of paper to others. They’re a lot of fun to make and to see fly since when you do it right the sense of accomplishment is hard to deny. Yet for all that they can be difficult the more into the practice one gets since with each fold you either heighten the efficiency of the plane or you weaken it just enough that it won’t fly as it should. How this guy figured out all these insane folds and different methods is hard to imagine but a lot of it seems like trial and error, just folding until he got the result he wanted and writing it down or remembering it for later. With something like a paper airplane that seems like the way to go, as honestly and truly it’s more of something to have fun with than anything.

Back in the day thought the guys that made these kind of planes were considered pretty cool.

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