Original Alien Movie Returns to Theaters This Month

Original Alien Movie Returns to Theaters This Month

The amount of hype surrounding Alien: Covenant is almost too much to handle.  I feel like I’ve seen 100 videos, pictures, and posters already.   Thankfully it’s died down a bit but you can be 100% sure as soon as May comes, it’s on.  Marketing and hype for the movie is going to be ballistic.  To be honest I’m just trying to keep a level head about everything.   The reality is that Prometheus was sub-par.  Ridley Scott is definitely “back” in terms of The Martian but jury is out as far as I’m concerned.  Scott can say he’s gonna make 6 more of these until he’s blue in the face but I’m just not buying it until Covenant proves that the Alien franchise has returned to form.  Speaking of a return to form, the original Alien movie will be in theaters this moth for a one-time screening.

According to a new Fox press release:

In May, everyone will be reminded that in space, no one can hear you scream when Twentieth Century Fox’s “Alien: Covenant” launches into theaters May 19th. To commemorate the return of the iconic Xenomorphs to the big screen, April 26th will officially be deemed ALIEN DAY as the countdown for the highly anticipated new chapter in Ridley Scott’s groundbreaking sci-fi thriller continues.

This one-night screening event features the original “Alien” film starring Sigourney Weaver at participating RPX Regal Cinema theaters. Fans will enjoy this sci-fi thriller plus be treated to footage from “Alien: Covenant” and a one-of-a-kind exclusive commemorative ticket. Tickets go on sale tomorrow, April 18th for ALIEN DAY screenings plus fans can purchase advance tickets for “Alien: Covenant” at regmovies.com.

At least here I KNOW I’m getting a good movie.

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