Oprah Winfrey Apparently Rules Out 2020 Presidential Run

Oprah Winfrey Apparently Rules Out 2020 Presidential Run

While it is a very popular idea at the time when I first heard that Oprah was going to throw her hat into the 2020 presidential election, I thought not a good idea. It is not that she could not win that made me believe that it was not a good idea, but that we are currently dealing with the ills of elected a prominent business mogul with no political experience to the audience. Also, there are a lot of limitations that come with becoming the president of the United States, although Donald Trump seems to ignore a lot of the time. Even the limitations and need for security throughout the remainder of your life after your elected term/terms are over.

There are different rumors as to how the idea got started, but the one that has the most steam and probability is that Oprah’s beau, Stedman Graham told the press that Oprah would gladly run for president. This after she gave her acceptance speech after receiving the Cecil B. DeMille Award at the 75th Golden Globe Awards on Jan. 7, 2018. Many people wowed and inspired by her speech. What is interesting is that a number of polls, in fact, all polls taken, have Winfrey, Michelle Obama, and Bernie Sanders ahead of Trump if the election would start today, but it does not start today.

Another question that many experts are asking is whether Oprah’s past can stand up to the scrutiny it will actually be under if she were to run for president? Well, at this particular juncture it all seems to be a moot point, as the media and business mogul has announced that she has no plans to run in 2020. The excitement that all her fans shared was short-lived. In fact, there are many of her fans who have declared that they are not giving up just yet.

During an interview with InStyle magazine, the 63-year-old business juggernaut said that running for president is simply not in her DNA. She was very clear in declaring that becoming president of the United States is not something that interests her. She did admit that there have been several people who have offered to help her with her campaign, but she insists that is something she does not desire to do. It is a long reach from giving an inspirational speech on sexual harassment and racism to becoming what some perceive as the leader of the free world (Although many would argue against that assessment right now).

There are some, including myself, who believe that Winfrey could be more influential from outside the White House. She has created her own platform through which to speak, operate, frame narratives – that has the potential for a lot of power. The question is, ‘what is the narrative that Winfrey desires to write and frame for the future of the American people. At a time when thousands of jobs that Trump promised would be staying in the U.S. have ended and been shipped outside of our borders, the list of people willing to run against Trump in 2018 is growing.

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