Why a Black Widow Sequel is Necessary and How it Could Unfold

Why a Black Widow Sequel is Necessary and How it Could Unfold

Why a Black Widow Sequel is Necessary and How it Could Unfold

Accepting Natasha Romanoff’s Fate and Moving Forward

The first thing to get over is that Natasha Romanoff is still dead in the MCU continuity, and there’s no bringing her back. But for those that have seen the Black Widow movie, there’s likely already an outcry for the story to continue since the idea of Black Widow has gone beyond Natasha without pause considering all the trainees that were seeded throughout the world by General Dreykov, as it was shown in the movie. Oh yeah, spoilers are coming, so if you haven’t seen the movie yet, it’s probably best to look away at this time. But for those that have seen the movie, the idea that there are still plenty of Black Widow candidates out there ready to be discovered, it’s not hard to think that this could provide a great deal of material a sequel that might even be great to see as an anthology that could detail the lives of the most skilled and deadly assassins that were trained in the fabled Red Room. Of course, there are two names that should be given the highest consideration, as Florence Pugh and Rachel Weisz, whose characters were both trained in the Red Room, should be given the nod first and foremost.

Sequel Potential with Florence Pugh, Rachel Weisz, and David Harbour

Considering how well they played their parts, there’s no doubt that both women would fair quite well in a sequel, especially given the fact that during the post-credits scene, Yelena is approached by the same woman who recruited US Agent at the end of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier and given the chance to track down the ‘man responsible for her sister’s death’, none other than Clint Barton. It would appear that Valentina is doing her best to write her own narrative at this time. It does appear that Yelena will be showing up in the Hawkeye show, whenever that happens to come along.

But seeing a sequel with Florence Pugh, and perhaps Rachel Weisz and maybe even David Harbour would be quite interesting since it would push this story forward in a manner that might bring the family into some type of conflict with the Avengers at one point, especially if Yelena goes after Clint. There have actually been people that have commented on the idea of seeing the Red Guardian take on the new Captain America, though even with his advanced technology and the shield, it almost feels as though Red Guardian would give Sam Wilson a seriously tough fight. But in terms of the Avengers having anyone that could handle Yelena and Melina, it’s fair to say that they do have members that could take them both down, but with a planned attack and by using Red Guardian as a battering ram, it almost feels as though the trio could do a great deal of damage if they really wanted to. But the motivation at this point for Yelena is finding the man that supposedly caused her sister’s death. It’s easy to think that a fight between Clint and Yelena might be a seriously tense moment since having seen Clint and Natasha fight it’s easy to think that Natasha could possibly beat him in hand-to-hand combat. But how would Yelena do against Clint?

Exploring the Red Room Trainees and Taskmaster’s Return

It might also be a fun idea to create a sequel in which the other trainees of the Red Room become Yelena’s enemies before she has a chance to alert them all to Dreykov’s demise. Or perhaps there are some that aren’t brainwashed and could possibly want revenge for the death of their mentor and leader. Then there’s Taskmaster, who’s too great of a character to simply toss away after one movie, which is one of the bad habits that the MCU is known for. The fact that the movie changed things up and created Taskmaster as the supposedly dead daughter of Dreykov, who was supposed to have been killed when a bomb meant for her father detonated with her in the same room. Bringing this character back would be absolutely necessary since her fighting style and skills are simply too great to toss away. It could even be that Taskmaster would follow roughly the same plot as the comics, meaning she would form her own program to train mercenaries around the world.

A Black Widow Sequel is Needed and Welcomed

However it happens, a sequel is definitely needed since the movie was actually well done and didn’t go too far out of bounds, though there were moments in which Hollywood magic was definitely at play given the situation and the impossible nature of what was happening. But a Black Widow sequel would be welcomed by a lot of people, even if it didn’t feature Scarlett Johansson, who is apparently done with the MCU. Out with the original and in with the new, but one can guess that there will be plenty of references to those that helped build this franchise.

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