Turns Out that “Lord of the Rings” Was Extremely Tough to Create

The Lord of the Rings trilogy remains and will probably remain as one of the most successful movie trilogies of all-time.  The degree of detail that went into these movies was about as high a level as one could possibly go.  From costumes to sets to locations to sounds to effects to the placement of one tiny hair, no detail was unattended on these films.   However, the extent to which this detail was achieved is something that to this day, not everyone is aware of.

At a very basic level you’ve got things like “so and so took 4 hours a day to be made up for their part.”  This is almost standard in a movie that requires make up.  Even though this is dedication and is very tough, it’s only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Lord of the Rings.   For example, did you know that Hobbit feet and ears were made brand new every single day of filming for all three films?  Yes, that’s right.  Every single day for every single film.  We’re talking feet and ears people.    Imagine how much more there is to go after that.  This is just for one movie.

Below you’ll find a bunch of amazing facts from Lord of the Rings that show you the depths to which these films went.  There’s a reason these films were so successful and the below facts most certainly show why:

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