Now Steve-O Wants to Fight Justin Bieber

Apparently Justin Bieber wasn’t kidding and has actually spoken to Dana White about setting up a fight between himself and Tom Cruise. Nolan King of USA Today confirmed that Dana White had been in talks with someone to get the fight up and rolling, and White even seems to think it would be a train wreck, which is probably accurate. But it would seem that Bieber actually took back what he said, telling everyone that it was a joke and that he probably would get his butt kicked. Well, you can’t really fault him for half of that statement, as most people seem to think that Biebs would in fact get manhandled by Cruise. But really Biebs, the joke wasn’t quite that funny.

But given that there’s a new participant interested in getting in the ring things could hopefully perk up if Bieber is ready to stop joking and get serious. It might even be a little more enticing considering who wants to fight him now, none other than the former Jackass star Steve-O. Jeremy Dick from MovieWeb has reported that Steve-O claims to have spoken to Dana White about this and will gladly take the fight if Cruise isn’t interested. While it seems as though it might be more an interesting fight for someone that doesn’t seem to know how to fight, at least not that anyone’s aware of, it still remains to be seen if Bieber would like to step up now and claim the trouble his mouth got him into again or if he’s going to keep on claiming that he was joking the whole time. At this time it almost seems as though Biebs wouldn’t even think of stepping into the cage since just being in shape and being able to run your mouth doesn’t mean you’re tough, but against Steve-O it might be a little interesting.

Why not against Cruise though? Well, most of us know that when an actor trains for a role that depicts them fighting on screen there are a lot of moments when a stuntman is being used, while there are also moments when the actor has to train pretty intensely to learn the movements and choreography so as not to injure themselves or their fellow actors. Tom Cruise has been in quite a few action movies, and while there’s nothing to say that he’s all that skilled in martial arts, he was a wrestler at one time, and this is typically something that sticks with you even over the years. Add to that the idea that throughout his time in action movies that he might have picked up a few moves here and there, and Bieber might not even know what hit him before he’s on the mat and tapping for dear life or just trying to cover up so that he’s presentable for his next public appearance.

As for Steve-O, there’s nothing really to indicate that he has any fighting experience, nor is there anything to indicate that he might actually know how to do more than throw a punch, but for some reason he wants a piece of Biebs if Cruise says no, and might even dog Bieber a bit if he continues to say it was a joke. At this point we know that Steve-O can take a lot of damage, but we don’t know if Bieber can even dish out a lot of damage since just having a father that’s a former MMA fighter doesn’t mean that Bieber is going to be a natural. If anything he seems to rely more on his guards when they’re around and walks about looking as though he’s tough because he knows he has backup. In the cage, there is NO backup, which could have been what was going through his mind when he decided to finally say that he was joking. Then again this could be one giant publicity stunt to keep him firmly in the public eye since let’s face it, he’s still famous but there have been enough stories about the kid to indicate that he’s not exactly the worldwide favorite any longer. As for Steve-O, this could be another way back to relevance or just something crazy and wild, which is what he’s been known for in the past.

Whatever happens or doesn’t happen this certainly did manage to rile up enough people that want to actually see it happen at this point and would probably put good money on Cruise to pummel Bieber into the mat, or to see Steve-O test his luck and his body once again to see if he can just spring back like Gumby. But if Bieber is going to stick to his story and state that it was all a joke, then one can only assume that people are going to be rolling their eyes as they wonder what he’s going to try next.

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