10 Things You Didn’t Know about Nichole Galicia

When she was growing up, she didn’t know she’d be one of the biggest models in Europe or that one day she’d be handpicked by none other than Quentin Tarantino to star in one of the director’s most famous movies. Nichole Galicia is a woman who does what she does quite well, but she had no idea just how good she’d be at what she does. The model and actress is a woman worth getting to know, and we have all the information you need right here.

1. She is in her 40s

It’s difficult to believe this lovely supermodel is a woman in her late forties, but here we are. She was born on March 27, 1975. She looks amazing, and she clearly takes good care of herself.

2. She is a Model First

The first thing she did was model. She was well-known and recognized throughout Europe for her hard work and her catwalk performances, and that is how she made a name for herself. She was then asked to join the cast of “Django Unchained,” and her character was such a memorable one played so well by the newly minted actress that her life changed forever.

3. She is an Author

Once she began to do all the things, she thought she might throw around the idea of becoming an author. She penned a book about her art collection, and it has been a massive hit. She wrote the book “The Nichole Kent Collection,” and it’s all about art.

4. She is a Giver

When she has the time, she does give back. She’s heavily involved in many different foundations across the country, and giving back to the kids in need across the country is what really works for her in a sense. She’s someone who wants to help the youth of this country overcome the things they feel hold them back and down, and she’s good at it.

5. She is All About Confidence

If you ask her what is the most important quality in a person, she might have a long list of things that are all important – but it really comes down to confidence. If you have the confidence to do something, you can do it big. She is all about helping kids gain confidence in themselves so that they have the ability to see their own worth and do what they need to do to succeed in life.

6. She is a Founder

She recently founded a company of her own in the nonprofit industry. She does what she can to help kids, and she wants to be sure her foundation is doing just that. Called the Orchid Foundation, her purpose is to mentor young women across the country so that they have the confidence and the knowledge that someone is cheering them on no matter what.

7. She is a Sports Lover

If there is an adrenaline-pumping moment in the game or the sport, she is all over it. She is a fan of racing and of football, and she likes all sports as long as they are exciting and fun. She is there for the adrenaline rush, and the world feels that. It is, after all, the point of sports.

8. She Was Born in Panama

She’s led such a cool life. She was born in Panama, but she was not raised there. Her family moved to New York City, and that is where she was raised. However, she also took off and ended up in Europe, where she became one of the most sought-after and highly publicized supermodels. She’s had a busy life, and it’s been one that is also interesting and amazing. She’s good at all things.

9. She is an Avid Art Collector

Her love of art goes back a long way. She was a teenager when she began purchasing art. She loved beautiful things, and she knew back then she would collect. It’s been an ongoing thing in her life ever since, and it’s where she likes to spend her hard-earned cash.

10. She Has No Regrets

Well, she has no regrets when it comes to any piece of art she’s ever purchased. As far as other things in life she might not be so keen on, she doesn’t mention it. However, the star is quite happy with her art collection, and she doesn’t always place value on her pieces based on worth. Some of her most valuable pieces aren’t valuable monetarily, but because they were gifted to her by someone important.

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