In the New Age of Sexual Assault Allegations, Watch Craig Ferguson’s Talk Show Again

In the New Age of Sexual Assault Allegations, Watch Craig Ferguson’s Talk Show Again

In the new and upcoming wave of sexual assaults it’s necessary to watch shows like Craig Ferguson’s yet again just to remind ourselves of a few things. Sex sells and it gets attention as we already know. In these clips however you get an idea that people are and aren’t blowing things out of proportion. Some women on the show seem completely at ease with Ferguson and his slightly off-color jokes, even getting in on the act with him, while others seem as though they’d rather get onto a different subject. For the most part though every woman is pretty ready to go along with the act and make a good show of it. The show is a bit crass and more than a little suggestive, but there are times when the women can make Ferguson go blank for a moment.

Yes, that’s right, the women are the ones making the comments at times that other women are complaining about when it comes to sexual harassment. And did anyone happen to notice that the women and Ferguson are both laughing at the comments? It’s not a moment in which Ferguson says something so insensitive that the guest simply blanks and looks like she wants to leave. The female guests get right into it and don’t blink, saying what they want to say and actually making Ferguson sit back for a moment at times. I can already hear the argument being that women on the show are being flirtatious simply because they’re expected to be, and yet I also see these women, all of them famous and well known, giving back as good as they get. It’s a fun time onscreen even if behind the scenes things are different. Whether they get along behind the scenes or if they’re repulsed by each other it doesn’t matter, onscreen they are showing a level of comfort that says far more than anything else.

Yet women are continuing to come out in Hollywood with sexual harassment claims. There’s no denying the truth about many cases and I won’t bother insulting those that have a valid gripe. But in light of all that these clips seem to show that women engage in this type of talk and the sharing of sexual innuendo just as much as men. Even on a talk show women have the right to state that they’re uncomfortable and can’t keep going with the conversation. Yet did a single woman in this clip say as much? No, not at all. They went forward with the conversation and in some cases tried to change it or adapt to it. While the sexual harassment claims in this country have reached epidemic levels as of last year one thing seems to be forgotten. Women are far stronger than they’ve been given credit for. They are far more capable of adapting and overcoming than many have led to believe, and taking a joke as is the case on the Craig Ferguson show is just one key to divining what is true sexual harassment and what is just raunchy by amusing conversation.

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