Neill Blomkamp Is Trying To Crowdfund His Next Feature Film

In Hollywood, investors fund movies and then recoup their investment once the movies are screen and generate some profit fund films. That means that fans have really no say in which film is funded and which one does not. It is with that in mind that Neill Blomkamp is trying to crowdfund his next feature film – Oats Studio from fans rather than typical Hollywood investors.

Neill Blomkamp who is the writer and director of District 9 and Chappie, launched Oats Studios to experiment new methods of creating short CGI films and possibly develop them into full length films. One of those short CGI projects that he plans to turn into a much larger project is Firebase, and he is requesting fans to fund it.

In the video he shared on YouTube, he said that he use the Oats Studio to do more than experiment with stories. He will also use it to experiment how strong the relationship between the Oats Studio and him with the fans can become. He hopes that it will be one where fans fuel the growth and expansion of his projects.

Moreover, they will have a one-on one relationship with their audience. He will therefore start to crowdfund Firebase’s sequel, and go on to lengthen it step by step, depending on how much he will have raised from the campaign. What is more is that Neill Blomkamp will not be using the traditional crowdfunding methods such as Indiegogo to raise funds for the Oats Studio’s projects.

Instead, fans will send their contributions through the studio’s website. Other things that will be missing from Oats Studio funding campaign will be backer perks that Neill Blomkamp referred to as distractions. Fans should therefore expect all their money to go into supporting the project, not into items such as T-Shirts or stickers that add no value to the objective of the crowdfundung campaign.

He emphasized said that they are not selling merchandise on the Oats website, but focusing on creating the best films for the fans. To hear what he had to say when launching Firebase, check out his YouTube Video.

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