Mother Nails and Doesn’t Nail What Moms Really Want on Mother’s Day

This Mother’s Day video goes out to all the moms and dads out there who know the rigors of child rearing.  In particular it goes out to moms and dads for the following reasons:  For mothers it’s a “haha, you’re so right” kind of video that I think most mothers will relate to.  For father’s it’s either a “how-to” guide for making your wife happy on Mother’s day or it’s proof that this woman, Meredith Masony is lying through her teeth.

However, the gist of it is that mothers work hard all year around.  They’re not interested in a getting a massage coupon, an appliance, or any of that crap.   The reality is that they can go out and get massages on their own time.  They can buy an appliance.  What mother’s can’t buy is time alone.  And that’s all mom’s really want.

I don’t know moms, do you agree, disagree?  If I really set up the whole day so that my wife was essentially by herself, would she like that?  I think this videos gonna get some laughs but ultimately doesn’t 100% accurately reflect what moms want on mother’s day.

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