Morbius 2? Be Careful What You Joke About

Morbius 2? Be Careful What You Joke About

Morbius 2? Be Careful What You Joke About

It sounds as though people are joking around with the idea of seeing a sequel to Morbius, but at this point, it might be just a joke and not much else. There could be an idea that might reach the development process at some point. In fact, it’s very possible that it’s already happening since a lot of people still believe in the Morbius movie, even if there were plenty of people who had something to say about it. There’s a chance that a sequel could get better, but it would have to include another character or two, or perhaps bring in a heroic figure that would be able to interact with Morbius in one way or another. The thing about this character is that he’s not exactly a hero, but he’s also not the worst villain around. He’s definitely had his turn as a villain, and it’s very likely that he’ll be taking his turn in such a role if he comes back. It doesn’t feel as though Sony is done with Morbius, no matter that the movie was kind of riddled with issues that could have likely been fixed. 

The CGI that was a part of the issues that people discussed wasn’t the worst, but the unfortunate fact is that people are so extremely picky about CGI effects that they’ll tend to go overboard and allow any missteps with the effects to affect how much they enjoy the story. With that being said though, Morbius does have a slightly stronger presence within the Marvel Universe than the movie allowed, meaning that it felt more like an outlier rather than another part of the same universe that has been used for other heroes. This gave the movie a little more potential by being able to let Morbius be its own story, but at the same time, it was kind of a negative since without connecting to the rest of the Marvel Universe in a stronger way it does run the risk of standing on its own, which at this point it doesn’t feel capable of doing. 

But if Morbius and Blade, or Spider-Man, end up interacting, it does feel as though such a move could give the vampiric character another layer that might prove to be interesting since the feeling at the moment is that he’s not the best candidate as a hero, but he’s far from being the worst villain either. Morbius has always been kind of an odd character in the comics since he’s not as popular as many other characters. He’s had his own following for years since as a horror-based character and he’s been popular enough in the comics, but his transition to the big screen has been a little rough it would appear. It doesn’t feel as though a second movie would be too hard to come up with when it comes to pushing the idea forward, but it does feel as though the Sinister Six angle might be a bit premature, or forced maybe, even with the post-credits scene in which Morbius met with the Vulture. If Morbius is going to be any good, it does feel as though it will need to bring in various characters at a measured pace, rather than trying to slam them together all at once. 

Marvel has been doing a fairly good job of spreading out their appearances over the years, but one negative aspect of this is that their actors will tend to age out after a while and require a replacement, and so far the arrival of the multiverse, which could help with this, is kind of an iffy prospect, even if it does work. If Morbius 2 was able to take advantage of the multiverse it wouldn’t be a huge surprise, but it might backfire unless the effect was used correctly since like it or not, the multiverse has not been the answer to everyone’s prayers when it comes to expanding the MCU or the Marvel Universe via Sony. If anything, it’s been kind of confusing for a lot of people thus far, and has also been all kinds of frustrating for others. There is great potential there in terms of telling a story, but the results have so far been varied. Introducing Morbius to the multiverse might make a writer, or writers, walk a fine line when introducing such an idea. 

But, at the end of the day, it does feel as though a second Morbius movie might be attempted at some point since Sony is just like any other studio when it comes to milking an idea for as long as it can go. Even if the idea isn’t as sound as it needs to be, sometimes throwing money at the idea tends to be the most desirable idea for some folks. In this instance it feels as though it would be a mistake, but who knows, maybe someone will come along with a killer script that can set things right. 

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