Michael C. Hall Explains Why Now is the Time To Bring Back Dexter

The reason behind why Michael C. Hall thinks that now is the time to bring Dexter back kind of mirrors the words of a lot of fans since he too wants to know what happened to Dexter after all this time has passed, and is just as unsatisfied by the finale as anyone else. But in looking at that statement it’s hard not to shake your head since fans are insanely fickle when it comes to what they want to see versus what they’re actually given. People had no idea why Dexter would suddenly become a lonesome logger, or why the show would end in this manner, but one can’t help but think that the fact that he got away with it all and in the end got away without being killed or locked up should have been something that might have pleased people. But then again pleasing people isn’t quite that easy, and unless folks get the ending they wanted to see they’re going to say something about it. The show will be picked up in real-time it sounds like as there will be a natural passage of time between the final episode to when this limited revival will return, which is great to hear since it might feel kind of awkward if the show suddenly just picked up right where it left off without any real explanation of how things came to be this way.

Of course, this makes one think about how long it might be until other shows are given a revival simply because fans were disappointed in the finale. Seriously, how long until Game of Thrones is revisited in order to give it a better sendoff? This is the one major gripe that some folks have when it comes to bringing back certain shows based on how poorly their finales went off, and it’s a valid argument to be certain since fans get unbelievably toxic once they feel that their best interests aren’t being met. Let’s be honest here, the fans are important, and what they think is important, especially since it’s their regard that keeps a show going and can keep things moving forward based on their reactions. But there are also moments when the fans are the worst enemies of the shows they watch since they happen to be so resistant to change and to moments they don’t like that many have signed petitions over the years trying to cancel movies, shows, or get things switched around so that canon is changed and what they want to see will replace what they didn’t want to see. When this happens the fans have become more than a little problematic since the balance of power and influence should almost never fall entirely to the fans, as there are simply too many ideas that may or may not be useful to a given show, and it’s not hard to think that showrunners ignore a good number of them anyway.

Offering up fan service in this way is all well and good when there’s a point to it, but the show ended, it was done, and it was bound to become a fond memory. But that’s not what we do any longer, since revivals, remakes, reboots, and sequels are the order of the day and have been for some time. Granted, sometimes they come back and they’re done in a way that is highly impressive and manages to justify the return. Hopefully that will be what happens with Dexter, as a lot of people are anticipating the revival and are excited to hear that it’s going to be on the way eventually. But getting your hopes up at this moment sounds like a bad idea since leaning into this revival with neutral expectations might be the best way to go, even though that’s not how long-time fans are going to be approaching it. A lot of people are going to be expecting as much as they can and will no doubt be looking for an explanation right off the bat, but it’s fair to say that those that have been watching since season 1 might be a little bit entitled to that kind of expectation at least. Still, it might be a good idea to not get too excited about it until the revival kicks off since building up too many expectations could be a bad idea.

With that being said, it sounds as though production on the revival will be taking place early this year so it’s likely that we could see it arrive later this year, and if not then possibly by early 2022. People are going to be waiting patiently and impatiently for this show to arrive again, and there’s no doubt that there will be plenty more to talk about before the show finally comes back for its limited run.

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