Meet the New Fab Five of Netflix Revival “Queer Eye”

Meet the New Fab Five of Netflix Revival “Queer Eye”

Netflix’s premier of Queer Eye will be coming soon in early February and it’s bound to be another great look at how the Fab Five of the show will be able to help individuals with everything from their diet to their home decor as it pertains to changing their life. Antoni Porowski, Bobby Berk, Karamo Brown, Jonathan Van Ness, and Tan France will be helping individuals in the Atlanta area who are in great need of tips on how to lead a more interesting and fulfilling life than they currently do. Before jumping on the wagon of those that might cry out that people are fine just as they are, as I might have had I not watched the trailer, keep in mind that the people who are gaining this help are those who have given consent for it. The guys aren’t trying to switch them on to a different sexual lifestyle after all and they’re not doing anything except showing these folks just how to organize and prioritize their lives in a more efficient and vibrant way.

From what they eat to how they look to what their home says about them the five will be evaluating and doing what they can to help these folks out and get their lives back on track. It’s not an effort to break them down, it’s a challenge to lift them up and get them back into a society that still cares about them. Some people were put off by the original show, which was being aired to test the waters of tolerance and how things would go. This time it’s about acceptance since the nation has continued to change since the first show was aired, and with it the minds of many people have changed as well. Being gay and being open about it is no longer a big deal unless you happen to be in some areas where it’s still considered sinful or difficult if not impossible to tolerate. The important part to remember about this show however is that they’re there to help and they’re showing up to people’s homes because they’ve been asked.

Gay men are no different than anyone else when it comes to being human, but there are differences in how they might notice the world versus a heterosexual male. This isn’t all-inclusive for gay men obviously but for these five the attempt to change people’s lives for the better is made possible by their different approaches. By finding out how far they can take these people outside of their comfort zone the five will allow the people to realize just what they can do and what they can still offer society. It begs the question of all reality shows however, which is just how much is going to be real.

There’s no doubt of the altruistic nature of the show, but unfortunately reality shows get a bad reputation since what’s not seen on camera is what people tend to wonder about. So how real is it going to be this time?

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