Masters of the Air: What we Know so Far about Spielberg’s Latest Mini-Series

Masters of the Air: What we Know so Far about Spielberg’s Latest Mini-Series

Masters of the Air: What we Know so Far about Spielberg’s Latest Mini-Series

World War Two was an occurrence of near-incomprehensible scale. As a result, it should come as no surprise to learn that there are plenty of books about World War Two that are focused on particular segments rather than the conflict as a whole, thus enabling them to explore said topics in further detail than otherwise possible. One example is Masters of the Air, which is focused on the exploits of the Eighth Air Force that was charged with the strategic bombing of Nazi Germany for the purpose of destroying its war-making capability.

Naturally, Masters of the Air covers the full range of the challenges faced by its protagonists, with examples ranging from their enemies to weather conditions as well as the perpetual shortage of men and other resources that have plagued militaries since the start. It is interesting in that shows how its protagonists made a real difference in the ultimate outcome of the war in spite of failing to live up to the excessive boasting of their superiors, while making sure to point out the courage of those who fought within their ranks. Summed up, it provides sufficient information for those who want something informative while remaining readable enough for people whose interest can be described as being of a more casual nature.

What Is The Mighty Eighth?

The Mighty Eighth is Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg’s third mini-series focused on the events of World War Two. Of course, the first mini-series was Band of Brothers in 2001, which focused on U.S. paratroopers who participated in some of the most important fighting in the European theater. Meanwhile, the second mini-series was The Pacific in 2010, which as its name states, focused on the experiences of three marines out in the Pacific theater.

Regardless, while the plan was to start filming The Mighty Eighty not long after the second mini-series, said plan has encountered more than its fair share of setbacks. However, it seems that everything is ready for filming to begin on the mini-series, which will have a remarkable $500 million ready for use by its makers. For reference purposes, this would make it the best-funded mini-series of its kind, which makes sense because of the previous successes of Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg when collaborating on similar projects.

With that said, it seems probable that the duo will need that much funding that bring their vision into reality. After all, while chances are good that The Mighty Eighth will focus on a limited number of core characters for the sake of its narrative, there are still going to be a lot of expensive scenes. For example, while there will be real planes from World War Two making an appearance in the mini-series, most of them will have to be created using a combination of CGI and mockups, which aren’t going to be cheap. Furthermore, there is the matter of finding the right places to film the mini-series, which is going to result in some serious difficulties because some of the historical sites have since been converted to other uses. Summed up, going for historical accuracy will be expensive, but considering what Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg’s results on the two predecessors, it seems safe to say that it will be worth it.

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