M3GAN 2 is Already On the Way

M3GAN 2 is Already On the Way
M3GAN 2 is Already On the Way

credit: M3GAN

M3GAN 2 is on the way already, and it sounds like fans are ready for it. The movie felt as though it could have gone a little harder, but unfortunately, it was limited by a PG-13 rating. This means it felt like it was holding back in a way. 

The movie didn’t need to turn into another Child’s Play to maintain the terror that people expected. Instead, the fact that AI is still terrifying to a lot of people worked for what this story is. But the idea that a second movie is already coming along gives the impression that Blumhouse wasn’t willing to sit by and wait to see how the first movie performed. 

To many, that’s the wise way to go, and it’s tough to fault such a thing. But unfortunately, campy sequels are a common staple of the horror genre. It’s likely that a second movie will not reach the same numbers. Pessimistic as that sounds, it’s historically accurate when looking at horror sequels. 

Some movies have kept going simply due to the fact that people love their campy nature of them. Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street, as well as Child’s Play, are all great examples. But despite being an interesting movie, M3GAN still has an uphill climb to do. 

M3GAN 2 is Already On the Way

credit: M3GAN

The LGTBQ+ community has readily accepted M3GAN 

Now, this is a point of irritation with some folks just as much as it sounds positive to others. The fact is that many in the LGBTQ+ community have seen M3GAN as a queer story for many reasons. It’s easy enough to shrug one’s shoulders and accept this since many people see movies in many different ways. 

It is a bit confusing for others to see this viewpoint but it has become noticeable over the internet. With that in mind though, many people are just as happy to shut off their brains for a while and enjoy an amusing horror movie. 

Trying to see this as anything other than a horror movie that’s dialed down a few notches is kind of tough. But again, people see what they want based on what they want to see, which makes for an interesting discussion. To think that a horror movie would inspire such a discussion is intriguing. 

The use of AI in horror is usually a good idea

Artificial intelligence is terrifying to some folks since a machine that is taught how to learn and maximize its capabilities sounds dangerous. Given that M3GAN is designed to learn and optimize her skills it feels as though Gemma dropped the ball in a big way. The idea that AI could eventually overcome humanity is a constant fear and one that filmmakers play with. 

M3GAN showcased a few interesting looks at technology since Gemma’s college creation, Bruce, was a reminder that low-tech can still prove useful. In the same breath, high-tech can get problematic in a hurry if things aren’t tested and checked and, more importantly, held in check more often. M3GAN is not the Terminator or even Chucky, but she is a unique AI since she’s just as deadly. 

M3GAN 2 is Already On the Way

credit: M3GAN

Trying to anticipate how M3GAN will return is tough

One can take a guess that M3GAN won’t return due to any help from Gemma or Cady. The aunt and niece duo are likely done with the idea. But given the implication that M3GAN is AI, there aren’t a lot of limits to where she can go. This does make her story sound akin to the rebooted version of Child’s Play, but unlike that ill-fated movie, this story feels like something that could work. 

It is hard to say how it will move forward since it requires M3GAN to take action. This path forward is filled with possibilities and questions. There are a lot of unanswered questions in this movie. Hopefully, a sequel would take off in the same direction. If not, there’s a good chance that it will need to pull double duty. 

Explaining its own premise and linking to the first movie are necessary elements. But a lot of fans have faith in Blumhouse, and for good reason. 

Not comparing M3GAN to other horror movies sounds wise

M3GAN has already drawn comparisons from Child’s Play and the Terminator for obvious reasons. But keeping her name away from other movies sounds like a better idea. This idea is not one hundred percent unique, but it did take its own direction. 

Because of this, M3GAN can earn further success whenever the sequel arrives. Fans have already responded in a positive manner, so it’s fair to think that a sequel will see promising box office numbers. That does depend, however, on which way the sequel goes. 

Too many sequels fail simply because they deviate from the original story. Because of this cinematic fact, M3GAN needs to follow the initial premise. 

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