Lucifer: Investigative Journalism Gone Wrong. Lucifer Gets Face Back?!



I consider myself to be a journalist, and as such, I am responsible for presenting accurate information to the readers. On tonight’s episode of Lucifer, the facts are not what they appear as a reporter digs into the Devil’s past.

The hour began with a reporter, Reese Getty (guest star Patrick Fabian), who works for the Los Angeles Telegraph. He wakes from a two-year coma in the hospital with no recollection of the events that led up to his hospitalization. Thinking that he can turn things around with his wife, he goes to her place to surprise her with flowers. He then got the shock of his life when he sees Lucifer coming out of the apartment.

Getty then began his investigation into Lucifer’s past and uncovered some interesting information. He even found out about Lucifer’s vulnerability around Detective Decker. The reporter then used this against Lucifer when the former tried to kill him with poison at LUX. When the plan backfired, it was like the Delilah situation all over again when an innocent woman got killed instead of Lucifer. It turns out that Getty is Dr. Martin’s ex-husband. They have been separated for two years, but due to his coma, Getty remembers none of it.

I felt sorry for the reporter after he saw Lucifer’s Devil face which apparently is back for good (not certain about this though). He then rushed to Dr. Martin’s office to warn her when she’s in the middle of a therapy session with none other than the Devil himself. Dr. Martin assured her ex-husband that Lucifer is not what everyone makes him out to be. He is a good man and can care for others besides himself. She also told Getty that she considers Lucifer to be her friend which was endearing. I know it’s a bit too soon, but I hope Detective Decker asks the good doctor to be her Maid of Honor at the Deckerstar wedding.

In the end, the killer is someone named Alvin Kapinski, or TruthDog21. He was responsible for the deaths of Poppy Parker and Daniel Moore. The two unfortunate victims were pretending to be someone they’re not and are making money off of people who were naive enough to believe them. At least Getty tried to make things right before he turned up downstairs. Though he’s going to experience his sins over and over again for the rest of eternity.

Side Notes:

Lucifer juggling breast implants at the crime scene. Oh for the love of your Old Man, those are not toys, Lucifer! Also, not everyone with a pulse wants to sleep with you! I’m sure that Detective Decker would strangle you if she wanted to aside from the fact that she has strong feelings for you.

The timeline board Getty had put together is very impressive. I now know Candy’s last name is Fletcher, which is the name of her family’s club in Vegas. Candy Morningstar sounds good, but Chloe Morningstar sounds even better am I right, fellow Deckerstars?!

I had thought that the duffle bag Lucifer bought from the officer at the precinct was for something illegal. Though technically it is because Lucifer had to sneak those edible sex toys in from Customs. On the other hand, those things looked more like giant gummy worms which I will never eat or look at ever again.

The twist at the end of the episode where Reese woke up in the hospital again is very good. I thought that things had started over again but in reality, he has ended up in Hell. I so love those twists! They make a series good enough to keep on watching.

Lucifer’s comment about humans sending themselves to Hell intrigues me. So if one commits enough sinful acts while they’re alive, then they will re-live those sins when they are six feet under. I like the show’s version of Hell versus other versions. In my culture’s version, there’s a giant wok filled with oil to fry the condemned souls in.

The scenes with Getty interviewing everyone at the precinct was interesting. Everyone loved Lucifer, well, except for Detective Espinoza. He’s still miffed about Lucifer eating all of his pudding which I still find hilarious. What confused me is why didn’t Getty interview Ella? I’m sure she would have provided him with some insight into Lucifer after the whole Vegas stint in the last episode.

I can’t believe that Getty would just shoot Lucifer like that. He should know that he can’t be harmed unless Detective Decker is nearby. Oy bloody vey.

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