Loki: “Journey into Mystery” Recap

To be fair, the idea that matter can’t be destroyed or created should have been on the minds of many people who were watching Loki when he was pruned last week, but the emotional impact of it might have erased those lessons from the minds of many for a moment or two. But the fact that there’s a void where a cloud monster named Alioth exists and that there are multiple Loki’s running around kind of makes up for it. Oh yes, SPOILERS ahead. It’s a big hope that people have watched the shows and movies that so many articles pertain to before they move on to the reviews and discussions that are formed in response, but anyway, moving on, it wasn’t too much of a shock to see Sylvie prune herself after being told about what had happened to Loki, but if anyone is still trying to feel a shred of empathy for Ravonna it’s likely in short supply at this time since she’s so fully integrated into the TVA that she’s bound to fight for it even if there’s proof that it’s in the wrong. Hey, blind faith and obedience make one heck of a mix. 

There is something behind the TVA, that much is evident, but finding it is bound to be something that will shake this entire story to its foundations. The fact that there are so many Loki’s in the void, and that one of them is an alligator, is amazing to be certain, but it also makes it easy to guess why nothing has been done to try to move beyond this area. The double-dealing, the betrayal, the need to change their ways or mope about it, all of this has led to the Loki’s finally coming to a battle that was likely long overdue. But upon seeing that not only Sylvie, but Mobius are now in the void, it’s bound to happen that a lot of people were elated to realize that Mobius had finally come to grips with the idea that the TVA needs to be taken down. That might be an interesting battle in the next episode if this first season does indeed have a plan to end things on a note that sees the TVA being dismantled. With the idea that there’s a season 2 that will be on its way eventually, it could happen that we’ll be left with a cliffhanger. 

But perhaps that would be better since with Phase 4 continuing to push forward it might be that Loki will find itself integrated even further into the stories that have yet to be released. In fact, this series almost feels like an apology for having to see Loki killed by Thanos, which is mentioned in the episode by the older Loki, and Thanos’ name is even seen on a downed helicopter of all things. The Easter eggs just keep coming as the MCU is apparently spoofing itself from time to time and making more than a few references to its own timeline. It’s to be expected really, since there’s plenty of material to work with after over a decade, and it’s bound to keep happening since there’s still so much to come. But one has to wonder when the references are going to die down a bit and new references will be used since the amount of material that exists in the Marvel universe isn’t infinite, but it does feel that way sometimes. 

If this episode is teaching us anything, it’s that there’s always something beyond, some origin point that might not appear to exist since people can’t see it, but is still there since there’s always something that started off the current system that’s in place. That might go against everything that people know and challenge their concept of what’s real, but that’s kind of the point. When nothing is as it appears to be, then a lot of people might think that this is chaos unfurling its wings to take the unwary into its embrace. In truth, it’s the unknown attempting to unveil itself. Those that can’t accept this for what it is are those that go by what they’ve been taught and stick to it, like Ravonna, while those like Sylvie are the people that tend to look beyond and try to find the source in order to better understand the system. 

But who, or what, Sylvie and Loki are going to find when they make the trip to the estate seen after their defeat of Alioth is hard to say. Some might want to claim that it will house Kang the Conqueror, but others might want to think that someone else is in the home. Whoever it is, one can imagine that we’ll still be left with more questions than answers by the time the finale is over. And we’ll still love every second of it. 

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