Legends of Tomorrow: Constantine Breaks Time. Neron on Earthly Plane.

Legends of Tomorrow

Okay, we know from the last episode of Legends of Tomorrow, our resident Hellblazer Constantine broke time as we know it. He wants to save Desmond from sacrificing himself to Neron, but that only resulted in multiple different realities. They do have one thing in common though: all magical creatures must die. Sounds like the writers took a page from The Flash‘s book and put their own twist on things.

I appreciated the spoofs to different TV shows back in the day. From the Custodians of Chronology (parody of The A-Team) to Sirens of Space-Time (parody of Charlie’s Angels), it was amusing, to say the least. I for one loved the codenames that the ladies had. Sara is, of course, Canary while Ava and Gideon are Roundhouse and Hard-Drive respectively. Though it would be great if Hank would be like a voice from a speaker like in the television series rather than an actual person. Unless he’s taking on the role of Bosley?

Coming back to the whole timeline mess, Zari says that the only way to fix everything is for Constantine to go back to New Orleans and stop himself from changing the timeline. At first, the Hellblazer refused, instead he teams up with Charlie to save the Legends that perished. When they saved one only to allow others to die, Constantine finally sees sense and goes back to the Big Easy. He lets things take their natural course, not before making up with Dez, and the timeline is restored. I can imagine the pain John must’ve felt when he memory-wiped the love of his life. Yet in order to preserve the space-time continuum, certain sacrifices have to be made.

Charlie, on the other hand, is none too happy about having the timeline repaired. She takes Ava’s form and boards the Waverider, hoping that the Legends will help her stop Constantine. She then realizes her importance to the team after Sara attacks her, that it was her shape-shifting ways that helped the Legends see what they were doing to the magical creatures that they apprehend. Took you long enough, little Miss Shape-Shifter.

After reality is put back to normal, Ray takes the possessed Professor Stein puppet to his containment cell on the ship. Constantine comes clean to Sara about his part in breaking up said reality. Ava even manages to get along with Mick after reading his novel. The latter even made her snickerdoodles and complimented her on the taste of the cookies. All seems well right? Actually, it’s not.

Somewhere on a golf course in Washington DC, we see Hank putting his ball toward the hole. He then took a phone call telling him that the Kaupe has escaped. He then ordered the person on the other end to re-capture the creature and apologized to the man that he’s playing with who turns out to be Neron in Desmond’s form. The latter then changed his face to one that’s filled with tiny holes. Don’t exactly have trypophobia, but that’s just downright creepy. Sure makes all the gruesome things that I’ve seen on TV over the years look like sunshine and rainbows. Thanks for the nightmares, show! Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go watch something to get my mind off of this.

Final Thoughts:

Ava Sharpe with black hair and wearing a hoodie. Guess Sara’s death took its toll on her.

Gideon having a human form again. Nice!

Charlie taking on the form of Marilyn Monroe in 1962 Vegas. Interesting choice.

Funny/ Sweat-Drop Moment: Sara, Nate, Ray and Zari turn into Fraggle Rock-like puppets. Maybe puppet Angel should join them and they could all be part of a Sesame Street-esque children’s show #JustASuggestion.

Sweat-Drop Moment #2: Zari complaining about being a cat. Yes, we all know where that tongue of yours have been.

Point of Confusion: Both Charlie and Constantine can understand Zari when she is in her cat form. How?

Mick writes under the pen name (or Nom de Plume) Rebecca Silver? Intriguing.

Since when is making love on the surface of the sun a metaphor? I do not compute.

Ray saying “Must be the annual cross-over” after hearing that they missed calls from Barry, Oliver and Kara. Yeah, you guys are seriously missing out on some epic cross-over awesomeness.

Point of Confusion #2: Where did Charlie get the pink backpack cat carrier?

Real Gary not realizing that he’s talking to Charlie-Gary. I get that he’s gullible, but didn’t know that he’s actually that easy to fool. On the other hand, I too would believe that I am talking to my future self so I’ll let this slide for now.

New episode returns in April 2019. Photo via The CW

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