10 Things You Didn’t Know About Lee Rodriguez

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Lee Rodriguez

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Lee Rodriguez

Besides being an actress who has recently come into the limelight, there is a lot to know about Lee Rodriguez. She is a black-Mexican beauty proud of her roots, and her first name is LaRhonza. The actress would love to meet Trey Songz one day while her celebrity crush is Dave Franco. As for her career, although she loves scary and romantic movies, she hopes to act in drama series. Her family background has not yet been made public, but she allegedly has a brother. However, instead of speculations, here is what we know for a fact about Lee Rodriguez.

1. One of her favorite songs

When asked by Nous Zine about her favorite piece of music during her interview in August 2018, Lee disclosed that she loves “I Know Where I’ve Been” by Queen Latifah in “Hairspray.” Her love for the song has led to her performing it several times, and every time she does, it engages her emotionally since it has a very moving meaning. It is, therefore, no wonder that she performed it during her high school graduation, captioning the video in her Instagram with “had to be THE MOST one last time.”

2. She prefers rocking her natural hair

Taraji P. Henson went natural in 2017 and said that black women are ashamed of their natural hair because they have been told it is nappy. However, she said that they should be proud because it defies gravity. Such power is what Lee is embracing by rocking her natural hair. She has beautiful curls as her crown, and rarely will you see her hair straightened, braided or in a weave. Someone even asked her how she manages to get the curls, and she said all she does is apply water on it and voila!

3. She celebrates her birthday on social media

Life is precious, and getting to celebrate another year that has passed is a blessing that we should not take for granted. The actress has, therefore, been using her Instagram to let her fans know that she is celebrating her birthday. Since she has not been on the platform for long, only two birthdays are posted; her 19th and 20th, which fell on November 28, 2018, and 2019 respectively. Her love for color pink is evident in the birthday posts; not only are the balloons pink but so are her beddings.

4. She always wanted to be a musician.

Lee prides herself as being a triple threat since she is a model, actress, and singer. However, her first love was music, which led to her enrolling for music in the performing arts high school she attended. She wanted to be an all-round singer, thus combined her singing lessons with dance and piano classes. Although she has since gravitated towards acting, her true love remains to be music. According to Head Topics, she has been writing her own music which she hopes to release soon.

5. She developed an interest in acting during high school

Some celebrities like Jim Carrey ended up in the acting world out of the sheer need to support their families while others like Zac Efron purposed to be actors hence attended performing arts schools. Although Lee went to her performing arts school to pursue her musical interest, she soon found herself liking acting. She consequently joined the school’s drama club and went ahead to be involved in the school plays.

6. Why she aspires to be a sceenwriter

Being an actor and screenwriter has its perks because you get to create the character you want and then give it life. Lee Rodriguez has become famous thanks to her role in “Never Have I Ever,” but she is aiming for the sky. She hopes to be a writer someday so that she can give people of color, especially those with darker complexions, a voice. Although she is lighter-skinned, she feels darker-skinned actors are not well represented in the entertainment industry.

7. She prepares for her roles thoroughly

Actors have been known to go out of their way to get into character; Robert Pattinson stayed in Harlem for two months and never changed his sheets in the entire period to prepare for his role in “Good Time.” Lee, on the other hand, plays Fabiola, a robotics genius in “Never Have I Ever.” According to Teen Vogue, the actress attempted to be a tech-genius too by buying a kit and building a robot. She named him Tinzel Washington, and although it was a beautiful creation, she admitted that it was challenging.

8. She has had other minor roles

Lee has been in the industry for a while now. Her debut came in the form of starring as Lea in only one episode of “Grown-ish” in 2018. She must have done a great job because she booked another part in “Class of Lies” also in 2018 and ended up being featured in three episodes. While these two previous roles may not have catapulted her to fame, being in the Netflix series is working in her favor and opening doors for her.

9. What inspired her to be a singer?

Lee cannot pinpoint the exact moment she knew that she wanted to be a musician, but she loves singing since she was a little girl. She held mini-concerts in the bedroom, and while other children watched cartoons, she was only interested in music channels. Therefore whenever music came on, she would sing along, and the feeling she had while doing so was inspiring enough for her to think about becoming a singer too. Besides, she enjoys telling stories through songs.

10. Her love life

From her social media, it is clear that Lee does not like exposing her relationships to the public, but she has been open about them. According to Stars Offline (https://starsoffline.com/lee-rodriguez-wiki-boyfriend-family-height-movies-age/), she used to date a guy named Jermaine, but they broke up, and when asked the reason, she said it did not matter. The actress later dated someone called Hector Sandoval and said that she liked him because everything he does makes her smile. Although Lee added that she wanted to be with Hector for a long time, that was one year ago, and it is hard to tell if they are still together.

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