10 Things You Didn’t Know about Leah Messer

Leah Messer

It’s kind of difficult to hide the disdain or any other feeling that comes along with anyone from Teen Moms on MTV is discussed but Leah Messer is just one more that seems capable of clapping back at those that criticize and somehow justifying everything that’s happened in her life. It’s very true that many of us don’t know what’s gone on in her life up to this point and don’t have to worry over the same things as she does. But it’s equally true that being pregnant as a teenager and then having to deal with life as a mother is something that can be just as much accident as choice. The issue with the show seems to be that not only do young people watch this and think that they too might be paid for their experience, but the risk of teenage pregnancy isn’t always deterred when it’s shown on a major network just how much fun it can be, for a short time during the long and trying days, to be a young mom that’s still full of energy.

Here are a few things about Leah you might not have known.

10. She’s had to deal with a lot of online criticism.

I won’t say that all that’s said about her is right and I won’t bother saying that any of it is wrong, but the fact remains that she had children when she was a teenager and has made a decent living from it, which leaves her open to a lot of criticism. Josie Rhodes Cook from In Touch detailed one of these conversations in which Leah apparently ‘shut down’ one of her detractors.

9. Leah’s had a few relationships throughout the years.

In case you haven’t watched the show Leah has been through a couple of relationships throughout the years and has seemingly had trouble finding out just who she wants to stay with. Coupled with trying to raise her children this seems like it should be a trivial concern, but for MTV this is just good television it would seem.

8. If not for Teen Moms on MTV it’s likely she would be just another teenage mom.

Julia Mullaney from Showbiz CheatSheet would likely agree that being a teen mom is kind of lucrative. It would be kind of amusing for anyone to try and debate this since without the show she would no doubt be seen as another statistic, a mom struggling to do what she can instead of taking photo ops and paying for things that might not be possible if MTV wasn’t covering the bill.

7. Her parenting style isn’t perfect but she’s there for her kids at least.

This is one thing you can say for her at least is that she is there for her kids and is trying to be a mom. The problem with starting as a teenager is that few if any people are ever fully ready to take on this kind of responsibility, and it tends to show more often than not.

6. She’s had to take drug tests to make sure she’s not addicted to anxiety medication.

These were court-ordered since it was determined that she was simply under too much stress and had to start taking medication to deal with it. One might want to feel sorry for her but at the same time the idea that so many people in the world are going through similar if not harder issues makes that near to impossible.

5. Like a lot of teen moms she has felt isolated.

The idea of having to almost give up on having fun with your friends, going out all the time, and having to sit at home and take care of your children is something that many people don’t seem to take into consideration when they’re younger. Once you have kids your life isn’t over, but the fun times need to come to a halt occasionally.

4. She was devastated when her daughter had to be sedated for an MRI scan.

This is hard to say anything against since the idea of a child being sick or somehow disabled in any way is horrible. But the anesthesiologist in any hospital is there for a reason and they know how to administer the right amount to their patients, so her devastation is a bit dramatic.

3. It seems a lot of her story on Teen Moms is about her and her anxieties about everything.

After all the show is called “Teen Moms” and nowhere in the title does it reference the actual kid or kids. But somehow you might get the feeling that the kids should be more important than the mom at this point since they need the most attention.

2. Her relationship issues seem to take up a lot of her time.

Yet another downfall of being younger, with some folks, is that emotions are still out of whack every now and then and the decision on who to stay with still hasn’t become certain.

1. Her kids get mentioned but a lot of the time it’s Leah who’s the ‘star’.

There are times when, I hate to say this, the kids seem to be the byproduct of her ‘fame’.

Being a teen mom is difficult without a doubt.

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