The Ladies of HBO’s Girls Star in a Golden Girls Parody on Jimmy Kimmel Live

I can honestly say that the final season of Girls has been excellent.  I think I like the show as much as I did when it was an initial phenomenon.   That’s actually very hard to do.  When the show first came out people were blown away and the “new” factor contributed to 90% of the reason we all tuned in.  But this season Lena Dunham has done a phenomenal job with the themes of “moving on” and “growing up.”  While fans, myself included, will miss the show, this is exactly how it should go out.  Most shows end while they’re in decline.  I personally think this is their best season so I’m glad to see they’ll be leaving on a high note.

But where will the girls of Girls actually end up?  No one really knows the answer to that question but Jimmy Kimmel Live tried explore the possibilities.   In this hilarious sketch, the girls from Girls do a parody of the show Golden Girls and it couldn’t have been more appropriate or accurate for that matter.

If you cringe at Lena Dunham on Girls then you’ll really get a kick out of her as Bea Arthur.  Check it out below:

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