10 Things You Didn’t Know about Kyle Cooke

If you’re not watching “Summer House,” you’re missing out on so many things that might just make your life a little more enjoyable. For example, the fact that this show allows people to share a home all summer with the drama they have is everything to us. Fans either love or hate Kyle Cooke, and that’s all. There is very little in-between, and there is very little that he cannot do that will make fans want to tune in and watch the show on repeat. It’s a fun show, and we thought you might want to learn a little bit more about the man who likes to make waves on the show.

1. He Calls Himself a Man-olescent

We aren’t entirely sure what this means or that it sounds at all flattering, but he manages to refer to himself using this term as he likes to be the life of the party. We get that, but we think he’s trying to say that while he’s a grown adult with a business and responsibilities and a life to live, he also likes to let all that responsibility stuff go so that he can make time for things like getting his party on when there is a chance he can make that work. We have no problem with that as long as he’s keeping his life in check while he enjoys himself.

2. He’s Getting Married

Most fans already know that he and his fellow summer house friend, Amanda, are more than just friends. They are engaged to be married, and that’s where their live is going right now. The only problem with that is that they are a couple who has a lot more downs than they do have ups, and that’s a problem for another day. They are adorable together when things are good, but they don’t exactly give us the warm and fuzzies when things aren’t good. This is the part of their relationship that should be simple, happy, and easy, yet it’s not, and that makes us worry.

3. He Got Sick After Proposing

The night he proposed was during the season finale of their show. It was on the beach, but then it was a party at the house afterward. Once the party part ended, he said that things really broke down for him in terms of his body. He was immediately overcome with a horrible fever. He said he never gets sick, but that night he got so sick and wasn’t well for some time. We might wonder if this is a telling sign or if the stress of keeping this secret and finally being able to let go of the panic and the stress and the worry that the secret would come out or that she might say no.

4. His Relationship Has Been Riddled with Rumors

There’s not been much time during their three-year relationship when they haven’t been fueled with drama, but the cheating rumors that happened just before they got engaged have been big-time issues for them, and some of the worst stuff they’ve been through as a couple. It was brought up, things were not good, and the admitted that he went on a guys trip, drank too much and blacked out, and then woke up with a strange woman in bed with him. He lied to her, but then he had to be honest because someone else told on him.

5. They Both Know Their Relationship Needs Work

We aren’t sure this is the best way to start an engagement, but they both know that they need to fix a lot of issues in their relationship before they get married. Although, we are happy that they admit this now rather than getting married and then realizing they have to fix a few things. So, we will let this one go.

6.They Aren’t Inviting All Their Cast Member Friends

When this couple was asked who they would invite from the show to their wedding, the list was short. He mentioned that he’s got friends who aren’t part of this show, and he likes them enough to invite them, but that’s about all. She had a few names on the list, but they mostly discussed the fact that their plans are to be determined at a later date. We get it, but we aren’t sure this sounds like good news.

7. He Loves His Grandmother’s Barn

His grandmother has an impressive piece of property in Vermont, and it’s clear he loves to spend time here. We know he’s close to his family, but this is something that brings a little bit of joy to our hearts to know that his grandmother’s home is a place that is so welcoming of him, and that he feels so good being there.

8. He Founded a Company

He is the owner of a company that manufactures hard cider for sale. It’s a company that has a lot to offer, and it has a lot going on, and it’s called Loverboy. The hard cider is a hit in many places, though it’s not yet everywhere. He and his fiancé started the company together, and they are apparently partnering in just about everything they do as a result of this. It’s a lot for them, but they seem very into the brand.

9. He’s Close to His Friends

His social media pages show off a lot of photos of himself with his friends and the people he’s closest to. He never misses an opportunity to post photos of them, to wish them happiest birthdays, and to brag about their accomplishments to his fans and followers. That’s a good friend.

10. He Seems to Thrive Under Pressure

With a wedding to plan, a relationship to fix, a reality show to film, looking for a house in the city, and even running a business is just every single day work for him. He’s someone who appears to thrive under pressure if this is any indication, and we think he’s doing quite well.

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