Did You Know The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is a Spinoff of Daredevil?

Did You Know The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is a Spinoff of Daredevil?


When hearing that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is a spinoff of Daredevil I’ll admit my first reaction was “Okaaay….now make it make sense.” And it did thankfully, as I’ll explain in a minute. There could be numerous ways that other comics could be described as being spinoffs of other stories but this one at least made a great deal of sense and could have actually been in the same universe if it would have been left that way. After all I have yet to or hear about the Ninja Turtles really coming out in the MCU. If there was a crossover of some sort it might have happened long after I stopped reading the colorful pages of the comic books.

But now let’s look at the similarities between the devil of Hell’s Kitchen and the heroes on the half-shell shall we?

Well as it’s pointed out, the same radioactive isotope that cost Matt Murdock his sight was the gunk that splattered the turtles and one lone rat before or after they were knocked into the sewer. That same goop that took his eyesight but left him with an amazing talent to ‘see’ using his other senses turned the turtles and the rat into the humanoid creatures they became, increasing their size, altering their physiology, and creating humanistic versions of them that were able to move beyond the limitations of their original forms thanks to growing stronger limbs, stronger torsos, and of course somehow being made more intelligent.

That’s some seriously messed up isotope that could do such a thing to a human but so radically alter a bunch of animals. But I digress.

The spinoff part only starts with the isotope as other elements were taken from Daredevil as well. Raphael for instance uses the same weapons that Murdock’s murderous lover, Elektra, uses in her role as an assassin. He also wears red, which is her customary color.

Splinter, the turtles’ mentor, is a definite mockup of Stick, who is Daredevil’s mentor. The only difference is that Splinter is not blind, while Stick is. Also, the turtles tend to fight against a criminal organization known as the Foot put together by a Japanese warlord known as the Shredder. Daredevil fights against a similar organization that has many deadly warriors and is known as the Hand. It would seem that the Japanese groups within the comics really like to stick to the human anatomy when describing themselves. I wonder if anyone ever had any alternate ideas of what to call a group, such as the Spleen, or the Heart, or maybe the Liver. Yeah I know,that’s silly and all, but the Foot isn’t much better.

I kind of wonder just how a fight between Daredevil and the turtles would go. Given the fact that they’re teenagers and not quite as skilled yet it really seems like Daredevil might stand a chance against all of them. But going one on one with Splinter might be a better fight and a more even.

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