Ken Jeong Will Play an Adult “Short Round” in Next Indiana Jones

Ken Jeong Will Play an Adult “Short Round” in Next Indiana Jones

It might sound like Ken Jeong might be playing the adult version of Short Round in the next Indiana Jones movie, but it might also be one heck of a good April Fool’s joke. At the last update this seems to be what it really is, but you can’t deny that while it might be interesting to see Ken Jeong it might be even better if the original Short Round, played by Jonathan Ke Quan, would come back just for one movie and make a go of it. You might recognize Jonathan since he was also Data in The Goonies.

Apparently in a book on Indiana Jones it seems as though Short Round went after a different treasure on his own while away from Doctor Jones, but this next movie will see the two reuniting for one last time to possibly wrap up the franchise. Or it could continue it for all we know, but the point is that another Indiana Jones movie is going to make a lot of people get very excited and possibly a lot of people just roll their eyes. The adventures of Jones and his companions is usually something quite wild and filled with a lot of different moving parts as well as danger. Short Round however was a character that a lot of people liked since he brought a little more personality to the movie and had his own interesting character quirks that played off of Indy’s more than once.

Plus Shorty was another character in the movie that served as a means of help for Indy when he really needed it. Whether or not this is an April Fool’s joke is kind of hard to know since this day is usually SO much fun when people decide to take full advantage of it. But Ken Jeong as Short Round almost seems like he’d be a little too old since Shorty was young but not so young that he couldn’t operate a vehicle and do a few other things. There are a few other actors that might be able to fit the bill but instead of listing them all here it’s usually fun to see just who people have a strong opinion about and who they might just leave by the wayside. As of now however Steven Spielberg is casting the movie in order to get it started and get it out by 2020. Likely there are going to be more than a few re-shoots for this film and there could be a very epic story behind it. If it’s the last then you know that Spielberg will be going all out to give Indy a proper sendoff.

Indiana Jones has been a part of cinematic history for a while now, and if his family isn’t going to be in the film, meaning his son and wife, then he’s going to need someone watching his back to make sure that he comes back from an adventure in one piece. After all, Shorty is the closest thing he had to family at one point.

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