10 Things You Didn’t Know about K-Ci Maultsby

10 Things You Didn’t Know about K-Ci Maultsby

10 Things You Didn’t Know about K-Ci Maultsby

Now in its 3rd season, Love Island USA continues to be one of the steamiest dating shows on TV. One of the cool things about the show is the fact that new cast members are introduced throughout the season. One of the latest people to join the island, K-Ci Maultsby, is already getting a lot of attention. Lots of viewers are hoping that K-Ci’s good looks and charm will be enough to sweep Trina Njoroge off of her feet. Only time will tell how things pan out for the potential couple, but it looks like some sparks have already started to fly. Continue reading for 10 things you didn’t know about K-Ci Maultsby.

1. He Comes From A Diverse Background

We weren’t able to find much information on K-Ci’s upbringing, but we do know that he is half Black and half Filipino. K-Ci is very proud of both of the cultures that have combined to make him the person he is today. It’s unclear whether he’s ever gotten a chance to visit the Philippines.

2. He Is From Atlanta

K-Ci is currently living in California, and most sources have reported that as his home state. However, it doesn’t appear that he’s from the West Coast at all. According to his profile on his college’s website, he is originally from the Atlanta area and he attended Central Gwinett High School.

3. He Loves To Travel

K-Ci is the kind of person who loves a good adventure, and traveling is one of the best ways for him to let his adventurous side free. He has been fortunate to visit lots of places across the United States and it looks like he spends a lot of time in Florida. There’s no doubt he’ll be adding even more destinations to his list in the future.

4. He Was A College Athlete

Sports have always played a major role in K-Ci’s life, and he was a college athlete in two sports. He attended Polk State College in Florida where he was a member of the basketball team. He was also a member of the football team at Florida National University. Needless to say, he is no stranger to competition.

5. He Loves Fashion

Since the cast members on Love Island spend most of their time wearing bathing suits, viewers haven’t gotten a chance to see just how stylish K-Ci is. He has a great eye for fashion and he knows exactly how to put a nice outfit together. Whether he’s getting ready for a night out or simply relaxing with friends, he’s always going to look good.

6. Love Island Is His First TV Show

Over the last few years, there has been an increased number of people who jump from one reality show to the next. At the moment, K-Ci doesn’t appear to be that kind of person. As far as we can tell, K-Ci Love Island USA is the only show K-Ci has ever done. It’ll be interesting to see if he decides to do another show in the future.

7. He Is An Entrepreneur

K-Ci loves to have fun and enjoy life, but he also knows when it’s time to be all about his business. He is a talented barber who has built a steady clientele over the years. Although K-Ci has started a separate Instagram account for his barbering, we weren’t able to determine whether he has his own barbershop.

8. He Likes His Privacy

Just because K-Ci is on a reality show doesn’t mean that he likes to share all of his business with the world. On the contrary, he actually appears to be a private person who doesn’t post a lot of information about his personal life on the internet. As time passes, he may decide to open up a little bit more.

9. He Has A YouTube Channel

K-Ci started a YouTube channel in 2010, but he only uploaded one video. By the looks of things, he only made the account as a place to share his sports highlights. Now that he’s becoming a reality TV star, he might want to re-visit the idea of being a YouTuber. As his following continues the grow, he could probably build a successful channel.

10. He Works In The Fitness Industry

Being a barber isn’t the only thing K-Ci does. He is also a certified personal trainer and he’s very passionate about helping people reach their fitness goals. His days as a competitive athlete may be over, but that doesn’t mean that he’s given up on keeping himself in the best shape possible.reality showLove Island USA

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