Discovering Jules Terpak: 10 Facts About the Rising Social Media Influencer

Discovering Jules Terpak: 10 Facts About the Rising Social Media Influencer

Jules Terpak’s journey to becoming a social media influencer may not have been her initial plan, but her natural talent for content creation has led her to amass a following of over 285,000 people on TikTok. With a focus on political topics, digital age insights, and helping her fellow Gen Zers navigate the world of real and fake news, Jules has proven her staying power in the influencer realm. Here are 10 things you might not know about Jules Terpak.

1. New York City is Her Current Home Base

Although her origins remain a mystery, we know that Jules currently resides in the New York City area. The bustling metropolis has provided the perfect backdrop for her influencer career to flourish.

2. She’s Also on YouTube

While TikTok is Jules’ primary platform, she recognizes the importance of diversifying her online presence. She has a YouTube channel, but all of her videos have since been removed.

3. Andrew Yang Inspired Her

As reported by Embedded, Jules was introduced to the concept of Universal Basic Income (UBI) through a YouTube video featuring Andrew Yang. This sparked her interest in how UBI could affect work culture and technology, leading her to co-host a podcast with Yang.

4. Her Instagram Account is Private

Jules’ private nature is not uncommon among influencers, but her decision to keep her Instagram account private is unusual. Most influencers with large followings maintain public accounts across platforms to maximize content accessibility.

5. She’s a Marketing Consultant

After gaining traction on social media, Jules moved to New York City and landed a job with a marketing agency. Although her content creation can now support her full-time, she continues to offer marketing consulting services on the side.

6. She’s Held Various Odd Jobs

Jules believes that many Gen Zers struggle with entering the workforce due to a lack of prior work experience. However, she has held a variety of jobs, including retail positions and gymnastics coaching, before becoming an influencer.

7. She’s Collaborated with Major Companies

Social media success can open doors to real-life opportunities, and Jules is no exception. She has worked with big names like Google and NBC News, proving that her online presence is far from a waste of time.

8. Public Speaking Engagements Are Part of Her Portfolio

Public speaking is a valuable skill for influencers like Jules, as it can help expand their brand. She has already participated in speaking engagements outside of social media, and it’s likely we’ll see more of her in this capacity in the future.

9. Research is Her Passion

Jules defies the stereotype of lazy Gen Zers by embracing thorough research and a love for learning. Her dedication to uncovering information benefits her audience, who can rely on her for accurate and insightful content.

10. She Studied Healthcare Supply Chain in College

Jules’ career path diverged from her college studies in Healthcare Supply Chain, though the specifics of her educational background remain unknown. While she hasn’t worked in healthcare, her passion for her current industry suggests she’ll continue to thrive as a social media influencer.

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