Joker Characters Across Comical Franchises To Check Out

Joker Characters Across Comical Franchises To Check Out
joker characters across comical franchises

Credits: Batman Animated Series

Comic book fans love the deck of cards and get excited after seeing a character representation of those unique cards. However, one of the special cards is the Joker, which has a unique vibe compared to the others. It attaches a chaotic, laughing vibe to the character representation while making them antagonists with a particular mystery. It gets better for fans since there are several character representations across comical franchises, with some making appearances in animations. Let us Run through the joker characters across comical franchises that you should check out in animations as a dedicated fan.

Top Joker Characters Across Comical Franchises


 alternate versions of joker

Credits: Hunter X Hunter

The first on the list is the apparent joker character you get to see in the Hunter X Hunter anime. Hisoka is a character who explores the Joker based on actions, mystery, and appearances without excessive laughter and intense smiles. His purpose is to test and improve his strength by fighting against stronger opponents despite having a somewhat weak ability. The character uses a gum-type technique with sneaky attacks that don’t preach chivalry and work from the shadows. 

However, he also challenges opponents head-on and uses his mysterious techniques to win, similar to invading the phantom troupe. Hisoka made more appearances in the manga than some other joker characters, especially in greed island.


DC Comics

Credits: DC Comics

Joker takes the top rank in the popularity contest in fans’ memories representing the chaotic energy of joker characters. The chaotic nature keeps tormenting Batman (Bruce Wayne) with the clown-based persona he expresses during his acts. He has no motive other than to trigger Bruce Wayne while having fun during his chaotic escapades with destruction. 

The Joker takes the skies and roads of Gotham city with his partner, Harley Quinn, and his disposable foot soldiers. His fame also increases with his crimes; his brands are usually toying with bombs and other circus-themed weapons. He also uses a laughing gas that makes his victims experience hallucinations, making them laugh nonstop and affecting their following actions.


Don-Quixote Doflamingo

 every joker actor

Credits: One Piece


Here comes the joker character, who pushes a chaotic agenda with fewer tricks but more dominating and destructive energy. Doflamingo from the One Piece franchise holds the joker alias while working for Kaido, the emperor with the card-based crew. He worked to create the engineered devil fruit called the smile fruit, with its production done on Punk Hazard. 

Doflamingo also dominated DressRossa during that time in the most chaotic way, creating fear in both royal and citizens’ minds. His only motive is watching the world burn to the ground, with or without his contribution to the destruction. Hunger for power means nothing to him, making him a good villain among the joker characters across comical franchises.


Five-Two (52)

joker characters

Credits: Fire Force

A character that represents the joker persona despite being bi-directional in the entire franchise is the joker “Five Two.” Five Two is a character in the Fire Force franchise shrouded in mystery till the second season of the anime. His real name isn’t known, but he uses the alias “Five two” and has many secrets about the companies and cataclysm theories. 

His Alias represents a deck of cards with his flames appearing as cards with their respective symbol while revealing them. Unlike other characters, he doesn’t chase power or destruction but chases the answers to the world with no particular passion. Five Two doesn’t have many destructive records and chaotic outbursts but still rides the joker persona pretty well.


Arcane - League of Legends

Credits: Arcane – League of Legends

The floor opens for female characters as Jynx from League of legends makes a list with her unique personality. She gives off the same energy as joker characters across comical franchises despite being a female from a game. She is a character that embraces the psychotic side of a joker while recovering from her PTSD due to abandonment. 

Her story is told in Arcane: league of legends animated series from her childhood and the origin of her trauma. It also shows her chaotic actions, supported by the villain of the story making her face her previous friends. Jynx is a joker-type character that every anime fan would love to watch and pick as a champion in League of Legends.


joker characters across comical franchises

Credits: Naruto

You would be familiar with the slithering member of the legendary Sanin, Orochimaru, the snake summoner. The mad scientist isn’t chaotic alone but gives a different feel to be among the joker characters in comical franchises. He exists in the Naruto world as a rogue ninja working as a mercenary for the right price while pursuing his plan. 

His plan entailed destroying Konoha for abandoning him, but he is famous for his mad science and experiments. Orochimaru’s fame didn’t just exist in Konoha alone but spans every village that could live in the Naruto world. It gets more exciting since all the villages around felt his impact throughout the series until the Boruto timeline.

Hanamiya Makoto

joker characters across comical franchises

Credits: Kuroko no Basuke

Your search for a sports-related entity among the joker characters across comical franchises is Hanamiya from Kuroko no Basuke. Hanamiya has no large-scale destructive records due to the anime genre but has other chaotic traits. He is a basketballer who is pretty good at sports but creates chaos by orchestrating tricky plans. 

He goes as low as creating a scenario to put a fellow player out of commission without reason. It gets more exciting because he is an asshole that everyone expects to be a bad player but ranks high. Hanamiya takes the last spot on this list and would likely have a joker tattoo if the franchise’s author decided.

Should You Love These Characters?

These characters aren’t always in the spotlight but affect the story in many ways making it more exciting than expected. Joker characters across comical franchises don’t always act as villains, but they form a development scope for protagonists. It would be best if you didn’t imitate these characters in reality. Still, you have unrestricted access to using them in games. You can also go far cosplaying as the joker character you love and show off your appearance without restrictions.

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