Tower of Fantasy VS Genshin Impact – Which Should You Play?

Tower of fantasy vs Genshin impact

Credits: Genshin Impact

Everyone wants to escape reality; many do that by watching movies or animes, but one main way is by playing games. Games have improved over the years, increasing the experience players get as they escape reality to the virtual world. The creation of RPGs makes it worthwhile to play games. Still, there are controversies based on preferences and differences in mechanics. One common controversy is the Tower of fantasy vs Genshin impact face-off for a better choice of gaming experience. Let’s check out some of the content that will help you choose a game to play between these two games.

How Tower of Fantasy VS Genshin Impact Are Open-World RPGs

Open-world role-playing games (RPG) are games that have wide maps giving you more freedom to explore the terrain. Most games in this category also allow a broader range of interaction between you and the game areas. It’s a common experience when coming across side quests or similar events that give you certain benefits. However, the Tower of fantasy vs Genshin impact is an existing controversy because they push these mechanics further to excite players. You can check out the contents for Tower of fantasy and Genshin impact guides for things to expect before playing.

Tower of Fantasy VS Genshin Impact – The Gaming Differences

Character Differences

Tower of fantasy vs Genshin impact

Credits: Genshin Impact

Every game gives you a character you use to traverse the world, while some make you select from a list. However, these two games take things differently as they do it differently with combined similarities from the usual method. Tower of fantasy lets you create your character from scratch giving you customization control, then lets you select weapon series. On the other hand, Genshin impact gives you a character and chances to get others from its gacha system. Technically, your gacha summons is for weapons in Tower of fantasy with the characters as skins, while Genshin fees are different.

Elemental Abilities

You also access elemental abilities attached to different characters and weapons in the game. It gets better as these elemental powers interact closely with the environment making you try new things. You can freeze and burn with ice and fire. Still, it also sparks another Tower of Fantasy VS Genshin impact controversy. 

Genshin impact has characters with those abilities to use without weapons, but Tower of fantasy has it attached to weapons. If you prefer using abilities attached to weapons than fighting barehanded, then Tower of fantasy is a great choice. You should pick Genshin impact if you don’t like weapon handling much since they have characters with barehanded battle mechanics.

Enhancement Mechanics

Enhancing your weapons is a common way to get stronger as you deal more damage and your attacks increase. Both games have this feature but do it differently since you are awakening your simulacra, increasing your overall strength. Genshin does it differently, as your weapon enhancements and character growth are done separately for each character you use. You will need to enhance the weapons you want and grow each character individually, giving a different feeling. If you love crafting weapons and developing multiple characters, you should try out Genshin Impact.

Playable Platforms 

It gets crazier to find out that these games have platform restrictions, making them inaccessible to some players. The Tower of Fantasy VS Genshin impact controversy agrees on being cross-platform, but it leaves out console users. You can always get into Genshin impact on your consoles since it has been available for all platforms since its release. However, Tower of Fantasy is only available for PC and mobile devices, leaving console users out of the fun. The cross-play feature is also restricted to mobile and PC users on both games, so make your choice carefully.

Release Dates

Another thing to consider when picking a game to play among the two is the release date since it matters. Genshin impact was released in September 2020, giving it over two years of active play today in 2022. However, Tower of fantasy was released initially in December 2021 but had its global release in august 2022. 

It means Genshin impact has more content and players globally than Tower of fantasy since its release to global audiences. You should consider Playing Tower of fantasy if you prefer to catch up with the current updates they release. However, Genshin impact is an excellent choice if you only want more content to explore with your selective party and friends.

Gacha Pity System

Tower of fantasy vs Genshin impact

Credits: Tower of Fantasy

Both games have an in-built gacha system which you use to summon various in-game collectibles. Tower of fantasy lets you summon weapons and automatically get the character skin to equip based on your preference. Genshin impact lets you summon the characters but sets a different way to get weapons by crafting using resources. However, the pity system for the gacha summons differs with Tower of fantasy at 80 while Genshin stays at 90. It means the chances of getting a high-tier summon from the list are guaranteed at that number of summons.

Server Choices

The last thing to consider with the Tower of Fantasy VS Genshin impact controversy is your server choices. Genshin impact streamlines its server choices to give you four main servers: North America, Europe, Asia, and others. On the other hand, Tower of fantasy gives you a more streamlined list of choices which number over 30 in total. Both get restricted since you can’t play or transfer your character data across servers. So it would be best if you properly decided which server your friends or favorite streamers are on before selecting anyone.

Your Gaming Choice For The Tower Of Fantasy VS Genshin Impact Selection?

Selecting one among these games to play isn’t technical, except if you are new to gaming without knowledge of your interests. Our Tower of Fantasy VS Genshin impact guide above will help you know the differences between the two to support your choice. If you prefer controlling a party singlehandedly and doing more enhancements, then Genshin is a great pick. However, your choice should be Tower of fantasy if you want a detailed, personally customized character for the entire game.

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