John Wick 5 Is Already Happening Before Chapter 4 is in The Can

Keanu Reeves has been a busy man in recent years and it would appear that he’s going to stay that way for the foreseeable future since John Wick 4 and 5 are apparently going to be filmed back to back as it’s been spread around the business at this time. Some might wonder at the reason behind the sudden rush to get John Wick’s story told in full if that is the case, but many are excited at this point since it would mean that there might, hopefully, be less of a wait between the two movies, which will possibly be the last. After all, Wick has been on a pretty destructive course at this point, and despite the fact that he is coming back, one has to wonder what the long game really looks like for John since there are plenty of theories out there detailing how Winston made it pretty obvious that he wasn’t about to shoot John in the face as he forcefully knocked him over the edge with a few well-placed shots to his bullet-resistant suit. Given the final shot we were shown in John Wick 3, it’s obvious that he and the Bowery King are going to war with the High Table, and it’s a wonder as to where Winston, who is still under the intense scrutiny of the High Table, will decide to place his allegiance.

It’s easy to admit that John Wick is one of the many action movies that kind of flew under the radar at first until people started to pick up on how awesome it really was and the kind of performance that Keanu had put in. After that, the second movie was considered to be even more impressive, and the third had people breaking out in a rash to see it hit the theaters. The fourth and fifth are going to take a while thanks to the shutdown, and the fourth likely won’t be seen until 2022, hopefully on the big screen at that time since things have been progressing rather slowly throughout the last several months when it comes to theaters reopening. But people are already wondering just what’s on the way since things have become highly unsettled in Wick’s universe, and loyalties that were once in question, and those that were supposedly solid, have shifted in a big way. Trying to anticipate what’s coming is going to be kind of tough at this point since to be fair, the idea of assassins being loyal to each other is kind of like expecting hungry jackals not to snap at each other over a morsel of food. In fact, it’s far more likely that the jackals will remain loyal to each other in said extremes.

Filming part 5 sounds kind of ambitious in a way, but it also makes a great deal of sense considering that making the fans wait this long for part 4, which is unavoidable, unfortunately, is bound to dampen a lot of the intensity that had been built with part 3, as diving deeper into John’s world was becoming a favorite pastime of a lot of fans. The spinoffs that have been announced and will hopefully be coming eventually, namely Ballerina and Continental will hopefully go a ways towards keeping the interest of the fans since watching how certain elements of Wick’s world came to be should be an interesting development that could possibly keep people on track and help to stoke their interest in the upcoming movies. If there’s one thing that kills interest, it’s the time in between movies that are spent languishing and wondering when the next installment will come, while trying to stay interested. Many people will tend to find something else that can pique their interest in this time, and some might even over-analyze the movie to the point that they’ll lose interest simply due to the idea that they’ve torn it apart in a way that exposes every possible angle that could be used, and it’s no longer interesting. Thankfully this latter option doesn’t happen all that often, even with the most hardcore of fans.

John Wick is one of the most popular movies to come out to date and it’s kind of surprising since he’s not a hero, but he’s not a hardcore villain either. Instead, Wick is someone that was trained to be a killer and became one of the very best in the business, THE best according to some. Of course, this tends to breed a great deal of contempt from those that are similarly trained, which means that the moment that Wick’s head was on the chopping block there were literally hundreds of people that were eager to take the contract and end the life of the best in the business. He’s still not a hero to be honest, but he’s more than a villain, he’s a survivor that makes it clear that he’s not some easy mark to take down, and a true threat to the High Table that many are hoping will prove this is the next two movies.

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