10 Things You Didn’t Know about JJ Da Boss

JJ Da Boss

Fast cars, street races, and heart-pumping action await. Fans of Street Outlaws: Memphis know all about JJ Da Boss, or at least they think they do. How much do you really know about the leader of the pack? We went looking for more information on the famously private TV personality, and some of what we found might surprise you. Here are ten facts you didn’t know about JJ Da Boss.

1. In the Blood

Some people develop an interest in racing as young adults, but for others, it has been part of who they are from day one. Johnathan Day is in the latter category. As a toddler, his mother would take him to watch his father race. Both his dad and his uncle Wayne were racers, and that early exposure turned into a life-long love and obsession for JJ.

2. Accused of Attempted Murder?

In 2018, there was an ‘incident’ involving another street racer and his wife. Chad and Genny Larkin were both injured in an altercation with Day and several other members of his race family. According to the Larkin’s attorney, who filed a federal lawsuit on their behalf, the producers of the Discovery Channel show allegedly encouraged those present to engage in trash-talking each other and get in the other racers’ heads. The result of this trash-talking was a physical assault that left Chad, who feared for his life, with a torn meniscus, a torn hamstring, a torn thigh muscle, and other injuries. Genny was also hurt, and Day was arrested later and released on a $30,000 bond.

3. Tricia “Midget”

In spite of fan theories about Cooper being JJ’s lover, he is actually a happily married man. He and Tricia “Midget” Day have been together for years, having grown up in the same small town and sharing a love of racing and other hobbies. Their friends and family say their courtship was a long process, and they dated for many years before finally tying the knot more than a decade ago.

4. Big Family

Together, JJ and Tricia have a fantastic street racing family, but that’s just the start. Back at home, they also have a large family. The couple shares eleven children and five grandchildren. Tricia is not the mother of all eleven children, but it is unclear who the other mother or mothers are. In fact, only four of the kids are reportedly Tricia’s.

5. Eight Years In

Baby mama drama isn’t the only secret in JJ’s closet. He has revealed that he was incarcerated for eight years and a month, but no one seems to know where or why. We couldn’t find any information to confirm or deny this fact. If there are any court records or mugshots, they have yet to be uncovered. Discovery has hinted at revealing more of JJ’s past, but it remains to be seen. What we do know is that his time in prison made him wiser about life in general and more determined to run a lawful business.

6. Don’t Get Personal

When it comes to racing, cars, and hobbies, JJ Da Boss is an open book. However, when anyone inquires about his backstory and personal life, the star is tight-lipped. He is a very private individual when it comes to what goes on off-screen. We can appreciate a celebrity’s right to keep some distance between their front door and the cameras they encounter daily.

7. Net Worth?

The only and obvious answer to how to calculate the net worth of someone who is gambling their personal money daily is that you can’t. By best estimates, JJ is worth at least a million dollars, but we believe that could be an underestimation. He has his salary from the show, his winnings from races, his cars, home, and business assets. Unless he is losing a lot more bets than it appears, then his net worth and assets are likely more than a million, even with all of his children.

8. Totaled

In 2017, JJ was involved in a highway accident that could have been fatal. After a long night of racing, he was driving his truck home and towing his other two vehicles when he dozed off at the wheel for a moment. He crashed into a cement barrier, and the two vehicles he was towing ended up rolling into a ditch, completely destroying both cars. His truck was severely damaged, and he broke his right arm, but he walked away from the accident. Even luckier, he’s left-handed, and he and the three vehicles all managed to heal or get repaired.

9. Stats

Johnathan Day was born on August 10th, 1973 in Memphis, Tennessee. His family relocated when he was quite young, and he was raised in a small town in Arkansas, yet he remained a Memphis boy at heart and eventually returned to his birthplace. Little is known about his family other than the facts that his father raced cars, he is an only child, and his mother is Pentecostal.

10. Early Start

Growing up watching and loving the sport of racing, JJ got an early start. By the age of ten, he was already racing down dirt roads with other kids. Not much older, he began hustling for money due to his family’s low income. He has always been an outlaw at heart, but after his time in prison mellowed his criminal tendencies, he was put on the path to running his own shop where he buys and repairs old cars. Despite this, he still remains a country boy, with a street racing, outlaw spirit inside.

Final Thoughts

JJ and his Memphis Outlaws are some of our favorite racers to watch. The ‘reality’ of the show may be mostly staged, but the way they come together as a team and a family is undeniably real. What surprised you the most to learn about JJ Da Boss? Do you know any good JJ trivia we missed? Let us know in the comments section below!

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