10 Things You Didn’t Know about Jessica Allain

Jessica Allain has the most fascinating story. She’s been working hard for a few years now to make her name known in the acting industry, and she is doing a lovely job. She didn’t begin her career in the spotlight as an actress, however, and that’s made it all the more interesting for her over the years. She’s still young, she still has a full life ahead of her, and she’s continuing to book jobs even though the world was on hold most of the year. She has so much going for her right now that we thought it was time people became familiar with her face, her name, and what she’s all about.

1. She’s Got Great Genes

It’s obvious to see that simply by looking at her, but her genes are so good. Her mother is Barbadian and her father is St. Lucian. She’s got both of their amazing genes, but you might also be shocked to learn that with parents from the islands, she didn’t grow up on an island. She didn’t grow up anywhere close to the Caribbean. She grew up in London with her parents.

2. She’s A Model

She began her modeling career before she began her acting career at the age of 16. She spent time working all over the world before she became an actress. She did jobs in places like America, Europe, and Asia. She’s well-traveled, and she’s good at everything she does.

3. She Always Had an Interest in Acting

When she was a little girl, she had the dream of becoming an actress. At the time, however, she didn’t know just how serious her dream was. It was always there, but she didn’t realize it until her modeling agency booked a job for her as an extra in a movie and the need to be an actress hit her hard and fast, and she never looked back.

4. She Left London on a Whim

She has $800 to her name when she hopped on a plane from London and landed in LA. She didn’t know how she was going to do it, but she did it. She was going to be an actress. She was not homeless, but she didn’t have anywhere to go, so she called her friend in LA and basically lived with her for a year.

5. She Has A Dream Coworker

When she thinks about where she’d like to see her career go, it’s to a place that allows her to act beside Meryl Streep. We have to say that’s a beautiful dream. She’s one of the most talented, most famous, most amazing actresses in the history of film, and anyone should want to work alongside her. We know that she’s spectacular, so Jessica Allain should hold on to that dream and work for it. She did work with her in “The Laundromat,” but she doesn’t feel it’s the same thing as working with her when she’s not in full disguise.

6. She Loves the Sun

Living in London her entire life meant that she didn’t get much of it. It’s not a big secret that London is foggy and rainy and not very sunny, and she forgot that it was like that after living in LA for a while. When she went home for Christmas, she thought there was a fire because it was so dark and foggy. She’s a fan of the sun, and she cannot imagine living without it anymore.

7. She Feels the Sun Impacts Your Personality

It’s common knowledge that things like seasonal depression are real, but she feels that deep down. She feels that being in a place where the sun shines every day is such an impact on her mood – and everyone else’s. As a lifelong Floridian, I feel that. The sun just makes life positive, but that’s not to take away anything from a good, cloudy, rainy, cozy day indoors…on occasion.

8. She Strives to be Well-Rounded

She is not an actress who wants to be pigeon-holed into one role or type of role. She wants to be known as someone who can be anyone when she works. It’s a hard line to follow for some when they play that one iconic role and everyone knows them for that. But, she’s willing to work through that and make sure she’s known for her diversity on screen.

9. She’s Close to Her Family

She might not be physically close to them now that she lives in LA and they are in London, but she’s close with them nonetheless. She is someone who loves them, who loves their support of her, and who wants to spend time with them. She says that they don’t fully understand what her life is like since they don’t live it, but they completely support her every step of the way.

10. She’s a Private Woman

It’s not easy to be as private as she is in this line of work, but she manages to keep her private life to herself. She shares a little, but she knows that there are some things that are meant to stay with her and without anyone else, and she is really good about keeping her private life to herself.

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