10 Things You Didn’t Know about Jeff Seid

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Jeff Seid

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Jeff Seid

Jeff Seid is a young man who has done more for the world of bodybuilding than just about anything else. Within a year of his first competition, he was competing for national titles and winning them. He is a Mr. Olympia winner. This allowed the young man to take on a world that he never thought he’d take on, but he doesn’t allow his failures to slow him down. Instead, he uses them to motivate him, and now he’s taking over the bodybuilding industry with vigor.

1. He is Young

He’s not 30 yet. He was born on January 12, 1994, which means that he is only just 28 as of 2022. He was born at the beginning of the year, and he will celebrate 30 at the beginning of the year 2024. He’s not afraid of growing older, however.

2. He is From The Pacific Northwest

He is a young man who got to grow up in a very cool place. Literally and figuratively, we mean. He grew up in Renton, Washington. It’s a lovely little community in a state that is well known for its cloudy, overcast, rainy days, and it’s a place where you don’t get much sunshine. However, it’s a very unique place to grow up.

3. He is an Athlete

He’s an athletic young man, and he’s always been one. You might expect to hear his story about being a young kid with an eating issue who gained too much weight, was made fun of, and suffered from confidence issues as a child. However, this is not the case for him. He was athletic and strong his entire childhood. He played football, he wrestled, and he was good at all of it.

4. He Was Inspired to Begin Lifting

He was only 11 when he realized he needed to lift weights. He was in great shape playing sports, and he learned quickly something that takes most of us many years to learn. When you are in great shape, athletics are easier. You are naturally faster and more nimble than the rest, and he wanted to use that to his advantage. This realization inspired him to lift weights.

5. He Always Excelled

By the time he was looking at his last year in high school, he was already being scouted by colleges. He was going to obtain his college degree while playing football and not paying a dime. He was being offered scholarships, and he was ready to take them.

6. His Dreams Were Over His Senior Year in High School

Fast forward to his first football game of the season his senior year in high school. It was a game that was huge for him. His last first game as a senior. He was more than good, too. He was going to live the best year of his life, and then the worst thing that could happen, happened. He was injured. Like in the movies, his entire career went up in smoke when the doctor told him that he tore his ACL.

7. He Suffered

His senior year went from magical to horrible in one quick moment, and he describes it as the most depressing time in his life. He was unhappy. He had no hope for a future. He was counting on his athletic scholarships to go to college. He didn’t have the money to go otherwise, and no school wanted a kid with a torn ACL and no hope to play. He had nothing.

8. He Thought About Bodybuilding as a Way of Allowing Himself to Continue

In the days leading up to his first of many surgeries to repair his injuries, he was looking into the world of bodybuilding. Sports were out. He needed something else. He thought perhaps he could give it a ty, and it was in that moment his life changed. He trained. He won, he won again, and he continued to win. Now look at him.

9. He is a Businessman

Not only does this young man have his own fitness company now, he also has a book, and he has a line of clothing. He is someone who knows he can make multiple streams of income work for him, and it’s going to continue to do that.

10. He Believes His Struggles Give Him Strength

This is a young man who is wise beyond his years. He recognizes already that despite all the wins he has in his life and under his belt, winning is not what motivates him. His failures, his defeats, and the hard times he’s been through in life are the many things that give him a reason to move on and to do what he does. He’s using it as motivation, and it’s a good thing.

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