Jason Statham is Back to Action Comedy in Operation Fortune

Operation Fortune' Aims To Continue Jason Statham's Box Office Hot Streak

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It would appear that any time Jason Statham and Guy Ritchie get together that, hilarity and action are going to ensue in equal measures since one thing that Statham is good at is action, and one thing that Ritchie has gotten progressively better at over the years is directing comedic moments. Taking a look at this trailer, it’s fair to say that things are going to roll along in a fairly entertaining manner as Aubrey Plaza, Cary Elwes, Hugh Grant, and Josh Hartnett are going to be a part of the fun as well. The lineup is great enough to think that the acting and the dialogue won’t be an issue since the timing and the impeccable sense of humor that the cast members have been known to display over the years is great enough to expect that this movie will be a laugh riot at one moment and an impressive display of bravado and action in the next. It will be kind of fun to see Plaza get down and dirty when it comes to the spy game, but until one sees the movie, it’s probably best to think that she might not be the most convincing. No offense, but she’s been more prevalent in comedies than action movies over the years, so it’s with at least some reservation that fans might be watching to see how she does. 

The plot appears to be straightforward and not too complicated. 

One thing that has usually been obvious with Ritchie’s movies is that he does get into the action, and he does make the story flow in a way that doesn’t confuse the audience or leave them obsessing over the finer points since he tends to tell a great story. But there are points here and there that are going to be reserved by a lot of fans when it comes to the desire to know more. With Jason Statham, though, an action movie does tend to move at a clip that can be anywhere from quick and brutal to moderate and amusing. Just looking at the trailer, it feels as though the movie is going to be able to keep a lot of people watching for a while since the humor and the action appears to be balanced in a way that’s pleasing to the senses. 

Knowing Guy Ritchie, there will be a twist somewhere in the movie just waiting to be revealed. 

Another thing that Ritchie does well is to squirrel away several hints and facts within a movie that will be revealed later and make a lot of people execute a face-palm as they wonder how they missed the signs that such a thing was about to happen. This is a quality that confuses a lot of people, but at the very least, Guy can make this element work in a way that is intriguing since it leaves a person wanting to know what’s going to happen. The twists that he’s put into his movies aren’t hard to unpack when they occur, but they are capable of making people laugh since the inability to see it coming isn’t a failure. It’s just good storytelling that doesn’t give everything away all at once and reserves the right kind of information to wow the audience later on. 

Watch: Operation Fortune: Ruse de guerre Official Trailer | Metro Video

credit: Operation Fortune

Ritchie definitely has a style all his own that people have come to appreciate. 

Anytime a person says that a movie is being directed by Guy Ritchie, there are a lot of people that are bound to appreciate this because the guy is skilled at what he does and has proven that more than once. It can be said that his style has changed according to each movie and has evolved over the years, much like anyone else. But there is a quality to his movies that at times feels kind of silly, but is still comfortable enough at this point that many fans have stuck with him for years and will continue to watch what he directs without fail. Sometimes people just get used to a certain director, and then again, sometimes, that director is worth following since they know how to keep people entertained. 

It does feel that Statham has lightened up with his roles over the years. 

What’s funny is that at one point, it felt like Statham was bound to be more of a serious-looking guy who could turn into a funny role. Then, for a while, he became the badass that was bound to be taken seriously in every movie since he wasn’t the type of character to mess around. Now, as he’s getting older, he’s putting more humor into his roles, and it’s fun to see since he’s actually kind of skilled at it. Plus, despite being an action role, this character appears to have a healthy sense of humor that doesn’t go over the top but doesn’t fall flat in the trailer. 

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