10 Things You Didn’t Know About Jamie Gabrielle

Jamie Gabrielle is determined to pursue music as a career, thus dropped out of a liberal arts college to study music at Berklee College of Music in Boston. That decision has seen her join the star in “The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart” that cast musicians only. Being on television will not only help her gain exposure as a singer since she has already released a few original songs on social media, but it will also enable her to find a life-long partner, hopefully. Let’s see what more there is to the 21-year-old.

1. She has been the victim of infidelity in her relationships

Imagine falling in love with a person who cheats on you, and when you move on to the next one, they do the same. Well, that has been Jamie’s misfortune. According to Life and Style Magazine, she has been cheated on by every boyfriend she has ever had. It must have taken a toll on her young heart, but she is not giving up on love.

2. She is convinced her Mr. Right exists

You would think that after experiencing heartbreak every time she put her heart out there, Jamie would give up and focus on her dreams instead. However, the 21-year-old is not one to quit on love that quickly. Therefore even before going on the reality show, she confessed she had been out on 100 dates in that year alone. Nevertheless, the musician believes that Mr. Right is waiting for her, and she will know him when he hits the right note.

3. She is afraid of sharing her original music

Jamie prides herself as a singer and songwriter, but she is scared of sharing her compositions with the public. When she posted her original song “C’est La Vie” on Instagram, the reality star disclosed that she already had butterflies but was also excited to share it because of how special it is to her. She says that the song is about letting go and self-love; the two things that she has been unable to prioritize in her life so she hopes her fans will learn a little more about her through it. Jamie posted the song five days ago and it has already accumulated 30,898 views.

4. She likes to reminisce on her childhood

Celebrities have shared embarrassing stories about their childhood; Kylie Jenner was five when she pooped on herself and left a trail of poop by going up the stairs while Channing Tatum was dumped in front of his classmates. Others have traumatic experiences; Mary J. Blige, for instance, was sexually abused at five years old, and Christina Aguilera’s father beat her up till her face was bleeding. While these are memories that one would like to forget forever, Jamie has beautiful ones that she holds dear. Therefore when she joined Instagram seven years ago, she preferred posting her childhood pictures, including one as a baby with her father holding her.

5. She wants her family to approve of her career choice

Although they say that we should agree to disagree, some people have become estranged from their parents because they do not see eye to eye. Jamie is not interested in being ranked among such celebrities therefore even if they do not think music is the appropriate career for her, she is determined to prove them wrong. The singer has even gone further to learn how to play the six-string guitar.

6. She has tattoos

The musician must be proud of her tattoos because in one post she asked her fans to guess the one she has on her rib, adding that she was taking a poll. Some people thought it was a wing and she said they might be right. On her right wrist the musician has another one although it is not clear what it is but maybe one day she will tell us their meanings.

7. She has been approached by brands for collaborations

Going through her Instagram will have you know just how much of an influencer she can be. With only 58 posts, the reality star has already garnered 21.2K followers who all comment on how gorgeous and beautiful she is, some even asking what kind of lashes she uses. Businessmen also see her beauty and fame as an opportunity to expand their businesses with some like @tigerfoxprimebrand and @bianca.ambassadors asking her to collaborate with them.

8. She has been accused of indecision

Paulo Coelho once said that with love, there are no rules and what the heart decides is all that matters. Therefore even though at first Jamie seemed torn between Trevor and Ryan, her heart settled on Trevor. Viewers were, of course, surprised when she handed her rose to Trevor, considering how well Ryan and Jamie connected as they sang “Gravity” at Capitol Records. Consequently, one viewer commented that he is already annoyed with the singer because she cannot make good decisions, while another said that Trevor’s jacket is bad news. Whatever the case, she is the only one who knows the vibe she felt with the two men, and her heart helped her choose during the rose ceremony.

9. Why she chose Trevor over Ryan

When a person has had her heart broken by every single guy she has entrusted it to, it makes sense to be careful in the subsequent relationships. For that reason, as reported in Mail Online, Jamie had to pick Trevor over Ryan. She explained, in tears, that she did not want to end up with regrets since she had made such a mistake before.

10. What she wants in a partner

People have varied needs that have to be satisfied; otherwise, the relationship will not work. For Jamie, all she is looking for is comfort in a partner, and it seems like she is found it in Trevor. The girl has listened to her heart, and by the end of her second date with him, she had no shred of doubt that he is the one meant for her. We can only hope that Trevor feels the same; Jamie has suffered enough heartbreak already, so it is no surprise that she also wants someone who can serenade her.

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