It Sounds Like Villains are Being Lined Up for The Batman 2

It Sounds Like Villains are Being Lined Up for The Batman 2

It Sounds Like Villains are Being Lined Up for The Batman 2

The Batman is getting rave reviews even if some folks don’t agree that it’s worth that much. In a sense, it does feel like a darker version of Twilight, which no doubt irks some people but can’t be helped since Robert Pattinson and the acting in this movie are, well. kind of dramatic in a similar fashion. It’s almost as though Reeves was trying to see what might happen if Edward Cullen was allowed to become a troubled young man that turned into a superhero. But all the same, people appear to be of the mind that this movie is worth a great deal to cinema. Somehow, it feels as though the biggest reason people think this is because…he’s Batman. Yeah, that gets old after a while, but for the sake of their comfort zones and fandom, a lot of people are willing to fall back into the legend without worrying too much about the fading efficiency of the overall story. One might think that the legend of Batman would move forward eventually instead of sidestepping and backtracking again and again. Christopher Nolan at least made his version of the dark knight move forward with his life. 

But in terms of the villains that The Batman sequel will no doubt use, there are a lot of villains to pick from, and some that people feel might be waiting in the wings. The Joker, for instance, is one of those that people love to see time and again since his chaotic appearance is something that ups the stakes in the Batman movies in a big way considering that the clown prince of crime doesn’t have a lot of limits when it comes to his depravity. He’s not the only villain that Batman has dealt with though, as there are plenty of others that people would love to see, such as the Court of Owls, Mr. Freeze, Bane, Clayface, and many, many more. 

Batman’s legend is likely to keep going since the dark knight has earned quite a few enemies over the years and as long as someone is willing to don the suit it’s fair to state that the many enemies that he’s acquired are going to be cycled through until a majority of them have been used in a manner that will either immortalize them or wreck them entirely for the current generation. There have been villains that have been used in a useful manner, as the Joker is without any doubt a villain that has been seen as effective in just about every version, to some degree. Bane, who was played by Tom Hardy, is still a popular villain, but perhaps his daughter, Vengeance, could be considered. Mr. Freeze is another great option, and the Riddler is still a viable selection so long as Paul Dano, or someone similar, is willing to step into the role. Catwoman could return, the Penguin should come back, but picking other villains could be tough since there are so many to pick from. Poison Ivy might be a good idea, as would Killer Croc, or even Two-Face. But it does feel as though a sequel might be used to bring forth a villain, or villains, that haven’t been seen that often and might very well need a proper introduction to many fans. 

One has to remember that amazingly, there are still many people that know of Batman but couldn’t name even a quarter of his enemies. It has to do with who’s been placed on screen and who hasn’t in a lot of cases, since villains such as the Joker, the Riddler, the Penguin, Catwoman, Bane, and several others have seen time on TV shows or in the movies. This is where a lot of people gain their knowledge of Batman and those he deals with. It’s easy to state that a lot of folks don’t even know how many Robin’s there have been, or that one of them became Nightwing and another became Red Hood. Some folks don’t even know the difference between Batwoman and Batgirl. So in thinking about which villain, or villains, would be seen in The Batman sequel, it’s important to think about the many villains that haven’t been seen in popular media yet, since it’s entirely possible that by introducing said villains it could do a great deal for their popularity and get people even more interested in them. 

Whether or not this would inspire spinoffs or possibly create other movie opportunities is uncertain at the moment. But it does sound as though a sequel for The Batman is already in the works, so it’s easy to think that we’ll be seeing other figures emerge in the story, and the Joker might be one of the more prominent figures that end up getting a great deal of attention. It’s not a bad idea, but introducing at least two or three other villains would be a great idea too. 


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