Interview: Actress Ashley Pereira Discusses Her Latest Role in Gravitas Venture’s “All Light Will End”

Interview: Actress Ashley Pereira Discusses Her Latest Role in Gravitas Venture’s “All Light Will End”

What if there was a dark evil figure waiting for you in your dreams every night? Those dreams quickly turning into reoccurring night terrors. This is the premise of Chris Blake’s upcoming feature All Light Will End, which follows Savannah (Ashley Pereira) as she tries to navigate between what’s real and imaginary, while trying to stay sane on what was supposed to be a relaxing getaway weekend at her childhood home.  With the film’s release just a few weeks away, we decided to speak with Pereira about everything from how she got involved with All Light Will End to her stint on the hit show, Nashville.

-How did you first hear about All Light Will End? What got you interested in the project?

I’ve had the opportunity to work with Chris Blake several times in the past, and he wrote ALL LIGHT WILL END with me in mind for the role of Savannah. Blake and his team do great work, and always have engaging story lines that keep audiences on the edge of their seats.

-In one sentence how would you describe your character, Savannah, in All Light Will End?

Savannah is a young woman in constant conflict with her traumatic past, and she eventually loses sight of reality.

Interview: Actress Ashley Pereira Discusses Her Latest Role in Gravitas Venture’s “All Light Will End”

-Did Chris, the director, give you guys a lot of prep time to come together as a group before shooting or were you able to just work on that rapport once you guys got to location?

It varied from scene to scene. Some scenes I felt like I had plenty of time to prepare, and other scenes — particularly the intense scenes — I had just met the other actors a few minutes before we started shooting. We shot the finale, and the most intense scene of the film, on day one.  I had only met Alexandra Harris a few minutes before action, and we had to shoot a very vulnerable and emotional scene together. The role did require a good amount of prep time on my own, but the more we all shot together, the stronger our chemistry and performances became.

-From the teaser trailer and synopsis, it looks like a lot of the film takes place in the woods. Does the setting almost play another character in this film?

Although some of the more intense scenes were filmed in the woods, the majority of the film was shot in various other locations. However, I think there’s a foreboding tone to those scenes and the entire film.

-Jeff Schmidt from Nightmarish Conjurings wrote about you “A wonderful lead performance from someone I expect to be a breakout star someday soon.” After putting so much energy into this film what does it mean to hear something like that?

It’s always so encouraging when people appreciate your work and have such positive things to say. I’m very grateful. It makes all the blood and sweat worth it!

-Your character on Nashville was named Savannah, and now your character in All Light Will End is also named Savannah. Were you supposed to be named Savannah in a past life?

That’s funny! I don’t necessarily think it was a past life, but maybe in an alternate universe!

-If given the opportunity would you be part of another horror project? Is there a genre that you are really wanting to star in?

I would love to do more horror films, but I’d also like to do more comedy too!

-You are also starring in the upcoming film Race with the Devil. Can you tell us anything about that?

Race with the Devil has been in the works for a long time now. It was a great team of people, and I met a lot of great actors and filmmakers. I don’t know if we have a release date yet, but hopefully soon.

You can pre-order All Light Will End here.

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