Hyper-Realistic Ren And Stimpy Masks Are Unbelievably Creepy

If there’s one thing I’m not feeling right now it’s “happy happy joy joy.” After having a look at these super realistic Ren and Stimpy masks that debuted at Monsterpalooza I think I’d rather run for the hills than put these things on. These Ren and Stimpy masks were created by Andrew Freeman of Immortal Masks, but Youtube channel and one of my favorites, “Tested,” had the opportunity to explore them up close. As you’ll see in the video below, they are impressively hideous.  P.S. does anyone think that Ren and Stimpy should be on the air again? I do. This show would be a no brainer for Adult Swim.  Check out the video below:

Every time I look back on that show I think about how they used to make human knees look so nasty.  There was such fine detail in the writing and the animation on that show.  I was a huge fan.   When it comes to these masks I can’t say I’m a fan.  I’m amazingly impressed by the precision and the “this is what they’d look like in real life” factor, but I can honestly say if one of these were in my house I would constantly freak out and have nightmares.



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