Hung 1.08 — "Thith Ith a Prothetic" recap

*Jun 24 - 00:05*The title of this episode of Hung was actually just a two parter, but in order to preserve a little dignity, the second part won’t be named in this article. The first part, however, was spoken by Damon, who looks more and more like Jemaine Clement each day, espacially having lost the blonde hair.

The episode begins right where we left off last week — Ray’s waiting at the pier for Jemma. After twenty minutes, he decides to finally leave. As he’s gettinginto his car, he gets a call from her. She’s sitting in her bathtub at home, and tells Ray that they need a break. Disappointed, Ray realizes that since he turned down the dinner invitation from Jessica in order to go with Jemma, he’s now free to go to the dinner.

The dinner table is quite awkward with the prescence of Ray. Something’s also different about Damon as well; he’s not only dyed his hair black, but has pierced his tongue. “Is that real?” Ray asks. “No,” Damon lispingly deadpans, “thith ith a prothetic.” Ronnie also knows that Jessica and her mother went through his desk, and this is an object of some contempt at the table as well.

After dinner, Ray sees Ronnie in the kitchen, washing dishes. Ronnie becomes insecure about doing the dishes, stating that he’s doing them because he wishes to, not because he’s been told to. He obviously is threatened by Ray’s prescence. Ray asks Ronnie why he thinks he was able to woo Jessica — was it the money? Ronnie becomes angry at Ray, and demands that he leaves the house.

The next day, Tanya arrives at a basketball court, where Ray is playing. Ray asks her for advice with Jemma. Tanya scoffs at Ray’s nerve, but eventually agrees to hear him out, though she has no advice for him. Instead, she has a new ad which she will place in the newspaper, and tells Ray that he needs to respect her half of the business as well.

Later, after the ad has been published, Tanya recieves a phone call from Lenore, who is responding to the ad. Lenore attempts to critique Tanya for her placement of the ad, and suggests that Tanya call “Horny Patty,” a proofreader who works with Tanya.

Later, while Ray is at home, Jessica arrives and confronts him about what he said to Ray, accusing him of trying to sabotage her marriage, telling him that she left a boy for a man.

Tanya, meanwhile, talks to Patty, telling her that Lenore started the service, and says that she has firsthand experience of how good it is. Patty agrees, and later meets Ray in a hotel room. She is quite eccentric, and gives a long monologue on how she likes animals, and tells Ray about her trip to SeaWorld. She’s happy to be relaxed in Ray’s company, and decides to have sex with Ray.

The next day, Ray goes to see Jemma at her place of work. He tries to give her a letter, telling her it’s from the heart, but Jemma brutally turns him down, telling him she’s “paid in full” before storming off. Ray screams after her, ripping up the letter.

Meanwhile, Tanya tries to seduce Piers, but gives up after a short while, telling Piers that she knows very little about him. He promises to answer any questions she has for him the next day.

Ray has gone to a par to drink his cares away, and a man recognizes him. He tells Ray he’s hated him since 1981, when Ray hit a home run off him in a high school baseball game. They go out to a field and play baseball in the rain. Ray doesn’t miss one of the man’s pitches.

Ray goes home to find Tanya in his tent. She reveals that Jemma only wanted to hurt Ray, and that she payed Tanya $2,000 for the opportunity to do so, though Tanya only found out Jemma’s true intentions later. Jemma just wanted to break up with someone for no reason, like many had done to her. Tanya tells Ray that he deserves better than Jemma, and an already drunk Ray gives Tanya a beer. He starts to go to sleep, but she insists on getting Ray out of his wet clothes first. In the process, he kisses her, but she shrugs it off because she’s drunk. Tanya asks Ray why he never called her after their first night together. She asks it’s because he doesn’t like the way she acts during sex, but Ray replies that she’s “just right.”

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