How The Olsen Twins Have Supported Bob Saget Since Full House

Michelle Tanner

If you’re thinking that the Olsen twins have been supporting Bob Saget in a financial way then you might have jumped too quickly to a more dramatic conclusion, since the support they’ve been offering throughout the years has been the type that friends tend to offer one another when they’ve been involved in the same life for a good chunk of time. But if that’s the case then Saget and the other cast members claiming to be close is kind of confusing given that the Olsen twins didn’t make their way back for Fuller House. The explanation was a decent one at least since they believed that they didn’t have the same connection with everyone since they’d both been too young to really know what was going on. Plus, the continual word that things became difficult on set, that the twins were sometimes too rowdy and hard to control, and that there were other issues that cropped up from time to time, make it hard to think that everything was as A-okay as everyone wants people to believe it was. Of course, now that everyone is an adult it’s very easy to sit down, discuss what happened, and be supportive friends, but it’s still muddled since the Olsen’s simply claiming that they didn’t have the same memories and felt as though they didn’t connect in the same manner gives the impression that they’re not nearly as close to the rest of their former costars as many articles claim.

So in effect, someone is snowing the public when it comes to stating such things since it would appear that the twins are great friends with the rest of the cast, which means that their statements concerning their time on the show might have been taken out of context or tossed out as a reason that wasn’t really factual but felt good at the time. It’s a bit difficult to know since trying to determine what’s real in show business sometimes involves parsing out lies from half-truths and quarter-truths and perceived truths. Does anyone see how that could be confusing? It’s definitely easier to think that everyone simply gets along and that they’ve all been supportive of each other over the years than to try and figure out the convoluted manner in which they all grew together during the course of the show. One thing that’s mildly frustrating but not too surprising is the fact that all of them have expressed support towards former costar Lori Loughlin, who was released from prison back in December following the college admissions scandal that she and many others had been caught in. It’s not all surprising that they’ve opted to support her, but it’s still frustrating since it appears to indicate the idea that cheating on behalf of one’s children is acceptable enough that all one needs to do is look and sound apologetic, pay a fine, and do a bit of time before getting back to their life.

It’s with a heavy sigh that one can easily admit that those that have spent a great deal of time together and have maintained contact over the years would continue to support each other in times of need, and would continue to do so even if the need happens to have arisen due to a serious lapse in judgment. But getting back to the matter at hand, the Olsen twins have no doubt been supportive enough of their former costars in all their endeavors and apparently have kept in touch, but simply couldn’t be bothered to show up for Fuller House due to…oh never mind, it’ll just get complicated again. It’s enough to state that the costars have been there for each other if needed and it’s likely that they’ll remain that way for many years to come. Trying to figure out who said what and why and whether it can be trusted thanks to the source is a mess for someone else to figure out since at this time it does appear that they are still good friends and spend whatever time they can together. Knowing how people function beyond the camera has become a big obsession for a lot of people and has been for quite some time since many fans want to know what their favorite stars are doing and how they live and, well, everything they possibly can about them. That sounds a bit creepy really when one thinks about it since once the cameras are off one would hope that the celebrities would get some downtime and be able to just relax until it was time to go back to work again.

Sadly this isn’t always the case since the general idea that many people have is that whatever a celebrity has to offer is there to be viewed, including their private lives.

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