How “The Great Christmas Light Fight” Has Evolved Since Season 1

How “The Great Christmas Light Fight” Has Evolved Since Season 1

Christmas is arguably the most wonderful time of the year. Not only is it an especially great time to enjoy the the company of friends and family, but bold and colorful decorations make for some added fun. For the last seven years, the TV series The Great Christmas Light Fight has given people a chance to put their Christmas decorating skills on display. During each season, people compete to see who can put the best light display together. If you’ve been watching The Great Christmas Light Fight since the very beginning, you may have noticed that the series has evolved throughout the years. Keep reading to find out how the show has changed since season 1.

1. The Halloween Special Was Canceled

Christmas is the holiday that’s most commonly associated with light displays, but it certainly isn’t the only one. There are lots of people who like to break out the lights during October as a way to celebrate Halloween. In October of 2014, The Great Christmas Light Fight aired a Halloween spin-off special called The Great Halloween Fright Fight. The special worked very similarly to the main series except for the obvious change in the holiday theme. The Halloween special only aired for one year following season one. As far as we know, there are no plans to bring the special episode back.

2. The Addition Of A Parade

There’s just something about Christmas time that puts people in the mood to go all out. For the first time during season eight, the show also featured a Christmas parade that included plenty of Christmas themed floats. This addition was definitely a nice tough, especially because 2020 was such a difficult year for so many people. Countless people expressed that they simply weren’t feeling the holidays the way they normally do due to the pandemic. Hopefully, The Great Christmas Light Fight was able to provide people with some holiday cheer.

3. Crowd Restrictions Due To COVID

There are many people who are willing to go out of their way to see an awesome display of Christmas lights. Needless to say, the people who compete on the show have always attracted large crowds of people who want to come see their display. Unfortunately, COVID-19 meant that people weren’t able to gather in large crowds the way they had done in the past. This means that there were fewer people who could gather to look at the light displays. During an interview with TV Insider, one of the judges from the show, Taniya Nayak, said, “It’s so wild to [watch the current season] and see the big crowds and the hugging. We’ve been filming now with strict guidelines. The energy is still there, though; we just don’t have the big crowds we used to have.”

4. The Displays Have Grown

After so many years on the air, it’s only right that The Great Christmas Light Fight level up a little bit. Since season one, the displays have gotten much bigger and people have found ways to get even more creative with their lights. The amount of work that goes into putting together a large display is certainly nothing to sneeze at. As the show continues, there’s a very good chance that the displays will also continue to grow. After all, The Great Christmas Light Fight is all about competition and staying one step a head is a great way to achieve victory.

5. Different Judges

The judges are one of the biggest things that has changed on The Great Christmas Light Fight. During the first two seasons (including the Halloween special), the judges were Sabrina Soto and Michael Moloney. Carter Oosterhouse and Taniya Nayak came on as judges during season three and they’ve been with the show ever since. When asked what she looks for when judging displays, Taniya told TV Insider, “Carter and I have our certain things we like to look for. For me personally, I love when a person can connect their design to a story, because that makes me more connected to their display. In general, the criteria does change a little bit [over the seasons] due to technology. I still have a soft spot for traditional light displays, but I’m always open to these exciting light shows because anything that can evoke happiness and energy and smiles, I’m all about it.”

The Great Christmas Light Fight Is Currently Casting

Are you or someone you know really into Christmas lights? The good news is that The Great Christmas Light Fight is already casting for the upcoming season which is set to air in 2021. In order to be considered applicants must be over 18 and be legal residents of the United States or Canada. Additional information on the application process can be found here.

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