A Hilarious Video Essay on the Movie “She’s All That”

When you look back in the Pantheon of teenage movies from the 90s, She’s all That is WAY up there. First of all, let’s get into the obscene amount of famous people cast in this movie. Freddie Prinze Jr, Rachael Leigh Cook, Matthew Lillard, Paul Walker, Jodi Lyn O’Keefe, Kevin Pollak, Anna Paquin, Kieran Culkin, Usher Raymond, Lil’ Kim, and Gabrielle Union.  So we’ve got that out of the way.

Now let’s get into the film itself.  It’s absurd.  Mainly because Rachel Leigh Cook is portrayed as this weird, unattractive character which from the get go makes you just as annoyed as you are when you see Clark Kent portrayed as Superman and no one understanding he’s Superman simply because of his glasses.  Same exact concept here.  P.S. I had a huge crush on Rachel Leigh Cook back then.  I’m a big fan.

Anyway, until today I hadn’t seen a truly thorough and hilarious analysis of this film.  This video comes to us from Youtube Channel “The Talk House” and is entitled “She’s All That and the Power of Transformation – Kentucker Audley.” It’s totally worth your time.  There’s just something about the narrator’s voice that makes me laugh.


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