Highlights of Taran Killam’s AMA on Reddit

Highlights of Taran Killam’s AMA on Reddit

Taran Killam is an American actor, producer, and now director as well. In his latest endeavor, Killing Gunther, he brings together an impressive cast, including himself, to join forces against the world’s greatest hitman, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger. It seems like the type of movie that might just be thrust into the public eye to gain attention and shine a spotlight on both Arnold’s need to remain an action star and Taran’s desire to break into directing to be honest. And truthfully, I think a lot of us are okay with that. After all seeing Arnold in action is what a lot of people are used to with the aging action star, and even as he gets older he’s still a lot of fun to watch. As for Taran it’s still yet to be seen if his directing skills are where they need to be, but the step up is something that could help elevate his career in the industry.

It also allowed us to find out a few things about him.

5. Killing Gunther was his directorial debut.

As a debut this was probably one of the safest routes he could take since action movies don’t necessarily have to Oscar-worthy material. The only real danger is using Arnold in a good way and the action star is easily experienced enough that he could probably given Taran a few pointers here and there just to make sure that things were running on an even keel.

4. His movie initially had a different title.

Originally it was Why We’re Killing Gunther, which sounded a little campy really. If you watch the trailer you get the idea that Taran was going for more of a reality show feel since the characters tend to talk to the camera as though this is a running audition or tell-all of the assassins and the hitman they’re going after. To some it’s off-putting but it seems kind of fun really.

3. He was on MADtv when he was 19.

That seems a little young to be on any comedy show that’s not kid-oriented. Did anyone ever watch MADtv? The skits were hilarious but definitely not something you’d want kids watching. Granted he was a legal adult but that still seems kind of young for a comedian to go mainstream. Maybe it’s just me but that’s impressive and a little bit awkward.

2. He was on Saturday Night Live at one point.

Taran has done a lot in his career thus far. A stint on SNL is something that can make or break a person and since he’s still around I think we can safely assume which way he went. Those that make it on SNL usually do pretty well once they get out and go it on their own, at least for a while. Taran seems to be doing pretty good so far and could easily keep the pace that he’s on.

1. He has no lack of confidence. 

For everything he’s done thus far and could still do it takes a lot of heart and a lot of courage to keep going. Just to cast a guy like Schwarzenegger in a film like Killing Gunther is something that requires a steady hand and definite sense of vision. Taran definitely knows what he wants to do and goes for it.

Keep climbing Taran, you’re doing great.

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