Here’s Some of the Negative Feedback for Season One of “Raven’s Home”

Here’s Some of the Negative Feedback for Season One of “Raven’s Home”

Here’s Some of the Negative Feedback for Season One of “Raven’s Home”

“Raven’s Home” is in its first season on the Disney Channel. While some fans are undoubtedly excited about the show being on, there has been a great deal of criticism surrounding the show itself, as well as the individuals who are involved with it. In fact, the show has gotten so much criticism that Raven-Symone herself, the star of the show, eventually took to a recent episode of “The View” to defend her position about the series.

An act like that would obviously prompt most people to wonder exactly what is being said about the show that has her so riled up. There is no secret that she has been involved in controversy at one time or another for several years and in reality, bringing the show to Disney in an attempt to recreate the previous series she once had on the same network only adds to that controversy. Some people are happy with the show and enjoy watching it but it seems like the overwhelming majority of individuals have something far different to say.

One of the most frequent comments associated with this series is that the writing is just bad. It’s supposed to be a comedy but many people see the jokes as either stupid or downright hurtful as opposed to being funny. While many people want to criticize the writing, even more people have something to say about the acting. Several people have commented that the acting is among some of the worst that they have ever witnessed, almost as if the directors have to give the actors their lines one at a time.

While this is bad enough and would obviously make anyone associated with the series feel bad, there are complaints about the show that take things to an entirely different level. A few people have even gone so far as to call the show abusive, commenting that Raven’s character is extremely abusive to her young son Booker on the show. Some people have made it clear that they don’t want their kids watching the show because the people that are portrayed on it don’t provide good role models for their children. That is a fairly scathing comment when you consider that the Disney Channel used to pride itself on showing television that actually taught some solid lessons for young individuals. Perhaps that is no longer the case, at least as far as many individuals are concerned when it comes to this particular series.

Is the show really all that bad? It basically depends on your perspective. Without a doubt, the shows on the Disney Channel do not include the best acting in the world, and this is nothing new. As far as whether or not the show fails to teach people good values, that is something that must be decided inside each individual household. However, the comments are definitely concerning. It makes you stop and think that just because something is on the Disney Channel, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s something your kids should be watching.


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