Here’s How You Can Watch Cory Feldman’s New Tell-All Documentary

Corey Feldman has had a long haul towards this moment as his movie Truth: The Rape of 2 Corey’s, is finally coming out for one night and one night only on March 9th, when the world will finally be allowed to see just what Feldman has to say concerning the sexual abuse that he and his friend, the late Corey Haim, suffered when they were coming up through the business. As Kevin Burwick of MovieWeb has revealed the only way to watch the movie is to go to and pay anywhere from $15 to $20 per ticket, meaning that some households could get this movie at a good price and finally discover just what it is that Feldman has to say. The movie will be streaming to those that find and use the site, and will not be showing anywhere else. Getting anyone to back him or even take him seriously has been a long and frustrating trial for Feldman over the years, but at last he’s finally found a way to get his movie out and to obtain an audience for what he has to say. How many people are willing to sit around and here what he has to say is still in question since it would appear that a lot of folks at least want to give Truth a chance, but there are still plenty of doubters and dissenters that are bound to try and discredit and ridicule him at the same time. For quite some time it hasn’t been all that hard to see Feldman in a less than stellar light as his career hasn’t been even close to as successful as it was when he was still a young man on his way up. That alone shouldn’t be enough to discredit or ridicule anyone, but after seeing his band perform and realize he’s a mediocre musical talent at the very best, a lot of people tended to turn their backs and thought that perhaps he was washed up and pretty much done. The unfortunate part is that the accusations that came later on when he decided to get vocal about the abuse were treated much as many of those made during the MeToo resurgence were, as someone trying to settle a score or get their name in the news again.

There’s not much doubt any longer that something horrible happened to Feldman and Haim when they were younger, but the fact that it’s been hidden away for so long is hard to reason with since on one hand letting it go any sooner might have met the same resistance and dismissal that the story is seeing even now since so many people have grown tired of guessing at just who’s telling the truth. Olivia Rook of the Independent has more to say on this subject. On the other hand, there’s simply too much controversy going on in Hollywood at any given moment these days to think that it’s all a load of bunk. Haim was in a bad way for a good amount of time, and despite what any doubters might want to say there had to be some reason that went beyond a simple story that might have been told to wash it all away. As for Feldman, it does look in many ways as though he was trying as hard as he could to hold onto his fame, but in a big way it’s more likely that he was trying to find a way to get the word out and was hitting nothing but a brick wall in every direction, even with his friend. The date that the movie is to come out on streaming is set to the anniversary of Corey Haims’ passing, which will instill even more meaning into the movie as the idea as to whether or not Feldman will name the alleged abusers will finally come to pass. If he does give a name the unfortunate fallout could be that it will be debunked, debased, and disbelieved by many that watch, and even more that simple hear about it.

It’s becoming harder and harder to know who to believe when it comes to sexual abuse these days as those that see it as a capable dodge for their own behavior and lack of fame are bound to think up just about anything that can get them back on top. Thankfully this is somewhat rare, and there is enough to think that Feldman is telling a great deal of truth when relaying his story. Judgment is going to be held at this point by many however since jumping to any massive conclusions before seeing the story is probably wise since it will afford those that choose this path a much clearer view that will allow them to sift through what’s true and what is contrived a little easier. It’s not a desire to doubt Corey in any way, but more a desire to be certain of which side deserves the majority of our attention.

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