10 Things You Didn’t Know about Henry Golding

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Henry Golding

The promos for the movie Crazy Rich Asians are out and the lead male actor is a young Asian by the name of Henry Golding. This means you likely have not heard of him or want more news about his personal life, so we are here to meet your demands. There is a lot of hope for the film which features Asians is a genre other than Kung Fu movies, often having white males who are costumed as Orientals.

It’s worth noting that starring alongside of Golding is a star of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (yes, another kung fu flick) Michelle Yeoh. Golding said he was very excited about being surrounded by the wide range of talent, and we’ll see how things do at the box office. For now, let’s find out a few things about Golding you may not have known.

1. He is one of those people who achieved success without going to college.

He says his parent were very flexible and supportive about what he wanted to do with his life, so the issue of him going to college was never a major problem. He sees himself as more of a tradesperson because he prefers to do things on a hands-on basis. It’s not as if he has no training or experience, it’s just that the college route wasn’t the best direction for his career aspirations.

2. Major movie and television companies are part of his entertainment experience.

Even though you may not have seen him, he has done work for the National Geographic channel, Fox, BBC, NBC Universal, and even ESPN. This last gig is a clue to another factoid on this list. We all like to see evidence of success before we get too excited about someone, so there is something to chew on.

3. One look at him shirtless and you will see he is more than a little athletically inclined.

This is that ESPN connection — sort of. The fact is, he does yoga, runs shirtless, and bicycles as a regular part of his daily regimen. The problem for some people is that he actually seems to enjoy it.

4. Some people compare him to George Clooney.

OK. This is a head scratcher or a retreat back into the days when Asians were typecast. Keep on browsing down the list and you will see why this comparison makes no sense unless you are comparing smiles. Clooney has that “Hollywood smile” that endears people to him. That might be true of Golding, but come on. Most of the comparisons need to stop there. Well, maybe except for the fact he starred in a Nespresso commercial with his wife. Maybe.

5. He’s not saying who is hairstylist is, but he is one.

Hair tends to be a thing with many actors, and Golding apparently wanted to learn with hands-on experience how to do hair. That resulted in him becoming a fully trained hairstylist, though no one has yet come forth to testify how far his talents can take him should the movie be a flop.

6. He is not Asian-American.

With a name like Golding it’s easy to think his roots are American. But his heritage comes from an English father and a Malaysian mother. He grew up in London, and then relocated to Singapore to pursue opportunities.

7. Speaking of mom, he says she is his “favorite woman in the world.”

His Mother’s Day Instagram post shows strong evidence of this. He says in a message to his followers about moms, “Reach out to the first woman you will ever love, you won’t regret it.” He has posted a number of pics on Instagram with him and mom together. Behind every great man …

8. He got married to Liv Lo in 2016.

This is about as anti-Clooney as you can get, so the comparisons stop here. Lo is an Italian-Taiwanese yoga instructor who also does television in Italy. He found love and acted on it before reaching 30. It’s almost certain mom approves, especially when the locale of the wedding was in mom’s home country of Malaysia.

9. Golding makes no attempt to hide that he is a foodie.

Maybe it’s because of his biracial background, but rumor has it that there’s nothing he isn’t willing to try. English cuisine is hardly the most exciting, but Malaysian recipes have a distinct taste to the discerning palate. We are looking into what his favorite food as a child was, but we are betting it wasn’t of the English variety.

10. He prefers cats to dogs.

We won’t put this one on the Malaysian cuisine, but on his Instagram account he has been seen posing with a cat and a pig, but no dog. He describes himself as being an “occasional cat whisperer” which is enough evidence to call him catty.

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