Helen Mirren Destroys James Corden in a Brutal Rap Battle

Helen Mirren Destroys James Corden in a Brutal Rap Battle

You want to see funny? Watch Helen Mirren just destroy James Corden in a brutal rap battle called Drop The Mic. It’s not exactly 8 Mile or anything but it’s still hilarious to watch, especially since Helen Mirren is just flat out awesome. Just listening to Helen Mirren you can imagine how hard Corden had to work to actually stand up on stage with her. I wonder how long they had to practice for this. However long it was worth it since they put on one awesome show. Did you ever in your life think that you’d hear Helen Mirren on the mic trying to tear someone up like that? Nope, me neither, but obviously she’s a woman of many talents.

Mirren is the kind of woman you don’t actively try to challenge at anything unless you’re just that good and know you can beat her. Obviously this whole thing was played up and staged but it doesn’t take away from the fact that they were going back and forth in a way that crowds absolutely love during a rap battle. In freestyle, if this was that, Mirren would have just shredded Corden. He got in a few good digs as well but she had to go gangster and really nail him to the wall, which was funny as well as impressive. It’s a good thing that they’re friendly otherwise this could have gotten ugly pretty quickly. You don’t mess with the Mirren after all, not unless you want to get tore up and cast aside like yesterday’s trash.

Comedy and confrontation seems to go hand in hand sometimes when it comes to certain ideas. A rap battle can be comical or it can be a straight up gangster affair in which the two opposing sides are actively trying to tear each other down without any respect at all. Listening to some of the lyrics they used you could easily say that they were doing their best to humiliate each other and find inroads towards the most personal things they could talk about while still keeping it professional. Corden went pretty far and still managed to make it more about her career than anything. Mirren on the other hand kept it that way as well but came with a lot more edge and rebuttal than any true attacks, which makes her even more impressive since she did in fact get dirty with it but still managed to go after Corden in a way that suggested she was attacking his onscreen persona more than anything. It was just a lot of fun to watch and being there had to have been a blast.

If Corden couldn’t fully keep up with Mirren then I wonder how he’d do against an actual rapper. The speed at which a person has to think of things to say when they’re freestyling has to be intense since you can’t just stop in the middle of a rhyme and still expect it to sound good. You have to be on the ball at all times it seems, and with Mirren that wasn’t quite enough for Corden.

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