Great PSA from Disney Channel Featuring Cast from Andi Mack Talking about Anxiety

This PSA from the Disney Channel features the cast from Andi Mack talking about anxiety and how much damage it can really do. Quite honestly it’s good advice since panic attacks are one of the worst things for any teenager to go through. In truth they’re awful for anyone since panic attacks are flat out stressful and can leave people feeling as though they’d like to curl up into a ball and stay there for the rest of the day or longer. Teenagers are unfortunately prime candidates for panic attacks since at that point in life we’ve all felt as though we’re overwhelmed and can’t handle everything as it’s coming at us at once and won’t ever seem to let up. That’s when it’s time to find an adult, a friend, or just anyone that cares enough to talk you down. Simply taking a breath and talking to someone who will listen and be patient with you during a panic attack is one of the greatest and simplest remedies of all.

Not everyone experiences these in life, as some people learn quickly how to manage their stress and might not suffer more than a minor setback in their mood. But for some individuals a panic attack can cause them to shut down completely. The typical signs are the obvious feeling that one is losing control, heavy breathing, tingling in your hands and fingers, chest pains, and several other symptoms that are just as serious. A panic attack means that your body is going into flight mode, as opposed to the fight option, and is attempting to do anything and everything to just get away from a situation, but unfortunately at the risk of causing itself harm. Panic attacks can come at any time but typically happen when a person is stressed out and can’t cope with a given situation. Having had more than one in the past like some people I’ve come to recognize in my own self when I need to calm down and just breathe.

It’s not that easy for everyone however, as the onset of a panic attack for the first time might give an individual the belief that they’re suffering a heart attack or having a nervous breakdown. There is a big difference between a panic attack and a nervous breakdown however, as panic attacks typically last less than ten minutes, even if the symptoms persist. Nervous breakdowns are typically labeled as depression and involve a feeling of such emptiness and despair that many people that suffer through them are watched very closely to insure that they don’t bring harm to themselves or others during such episodes. Breakdowns of this type usually last longer than the average panic attack, and are typically much more severe due to their duration and the effect it has on the body.

Panic attacks however can come on swiftly without any warning or any real indication that they’re about to hit other than the sudden feeling of impending doom. When this moment strikes however it’s best to find someone that you can talk to and tell them what’s going on.

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